Different Types of Data Visualization for Any Institution to Utilize

We are living in a data-driven world and organizations are using this to make fact-based decisions. But before collected data can make sense to the users, it has to go through some processes. The important steps include collection, storage, sorting, analyzing, and presentation. Data visualization is part of the presentation process, and this is where our interest is today.

This is the process of presenting data in a visual method like a graph or chart. It is the simplest form of data presentation and viewers understand it quickly. For better understanding, in case you are new to handling big data, let us go through the different types of data visualization.

Graphs and Charts

When people hear about data visualization, graphs and charts come to their mind. They are simple and popular in organizations. They present both simple and sophisticated data for easy understanding. The common graphs and charts you will find everywhere include bar graphs, line graphs, histograms, pie charts, and many others. They offer a comparison of one subject to another or a part against a whole.


Data can be presented in tables and still make sense. Data with many subjects to be compared is better presented using this method. It brings important data of everything in one platform to help managers and owners of institutions make detailed decisions. Tables have been there since the introduction of computer technology. From this data, one can make other presentations like graphs and charts. The software and apps used today are sophisticated enough to make calculations and tables for even more detailed data.


Another visual way of data presentation is the use of maps. If you have interacted with Google maps, for instance, you will agree that innovators keep adding detailed data like sharing location, live traffic, and other important details on top of showing geoinformation. The experts at Active Wizards, which is a professional company that handles data for companies, recommend using maps when making decisions today. They also speculate that maps will be used to present even more sophisticated data in the future.

Tree Map

If you have sophisticated data that is related, a tree map will break it down in understandable and simplified data while maintaining the relation. Although this visual presentation has not been very popular in the past, current tools have made it very useful. While choosing tree map as your data visualization method, you can also make use of different colors as they will help.

Timeline Charts

Are you looking for the best way to visualize timeline data? A timeline chart is the best way. As a matter of fact, there is no other better way to show how resources have been used over time than this. They give viewers a peek of dates and they can click to access full details.

Although there are more data visualization methods like radars and indicators, the ones discussed above are the biggest ones to consider. Choosing the right one determines the results that you will get at the end of the day. 


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