Are you wondering if Mindvalley is worth getting subscribed to? Checkout detailed Mindvalley review!

Are you wondering if Mindvalley is worth getting subscribed to? Has it crossed your mind, if it will be enough to develop your skills? Would you like to know if there is a one-time offer to join Mindvalley with unlimited access?

If you are thinking about these type questions in your mind, then you have come to the right place. In this article, we discuss all the plans offered by Mindvalley. The so-called ‘quests’ are online courses that guide you through a topic of your choice with inspiring videos, from where you can get your education. 

You can subscribe to the all-access plan of Mindvalley to get access to most of the quests. You will be able to gain a lot of knowledge with the help of these quests. You will also get a free certificate after completion of each quest. So, you can check yourself. 

What is Mindvalley?

Mindvalley is one of the best courses in the education field that helps in personal growth. It is one of the biggest education platforms online available worldwide with more educational applications than Mindvalley, like Coursera and MasterClass.

The primary focus of this excellent program is on self-development. It helps users to increase confidence and knowledge. There are more than twenty-eight quests available in Mindvalley from which you can opt for an online course.

Each quest has its leader in a specific field. These quests have different topics like relationships, speed reading, chakras, parenting, hypnotherapy, flow, etc., and ten million subscriptions in Mindvalley from all over the world. 

Users can enrol for the excellent plan of Mindvalley All-access Pass plan taught by a hypnotherapist named Marisa Peer. There are many bestselling authors and a flow expert Steven Kotler, founder Vishen Lakhiani, the law of attraction expert Michael Beckwith, and many others.  

Who is Suitable for Using Mindvalley?

Mindvalley helps in teaching motivation ideas to positively transform the user’s mind and increase the well being, personal growth, spiritual growth, mindfulness, and productivity.

It helps in minding the inner balance by harnessing the energy. The courses offered by Mindvalley will help in training your mind and encourage personal development. 

There are some following reasons from which you can analyze that Mindvalley is the appropriate platform, you are looking for:

  • These courses will help in finding new trends like consciousness, yoga, the law of attraction, and personal development.
  • It will help in learning more non-traditional things, and you can easily implement them in your life.
  • You can easily find out the specific areas where you have to work on your personal growth. It will help in becoming more productive and help you in gaining success in your life.

Many people around the world are joining with Mindvalley and getting inspired and open-minded.

You will be able to see the new perspectives of your life to change and encourage yourself to apply them in your life. If you want to check every online course, you can subscribe to the All-access Mindvalley Quest pass. 

What Do You Think is the Best Course in Mindvalley?

There are some of the favorite courses that are offered by Mindvalley. These few courses listed below that are our favorite too.

  • Uncompromised Life by Marisa Peer
  • The M Word by Emily Fletcher
  • The Quest for Personal Mastery by Srikumar Rao

Marisa Peer in Uncompromised Life uses hypnotic therapy to teach how to change one’s beliefs into something productive. How changing thoughts can lead you to a happy and peaceful life? How will you be more realistic in your life?

Emily Fletcher in The M Word will teach some meditation techniques to make you calm. These meditation techniques can be used every day before starting your day. Srikumar Rao in The Quest for Personal Mastery will teach you to focus on doing your work and not mention results. 

These courses have been proven to be the life maker of people around the world. The lessons make people calm and understanding, which clears their mind with negative thoughts. It is quite useful for developing personal skills and confidence.


What are the Mindvalley Quests?

A quest is a type of online book represented as a video. Every quest is different from the other one. Each quest has a video of 2 to 10 hours, which is divided into various chapters. Every chapter has some instructions written about some exciting tasks which a user has to complete. 

You can participate in a quest alone or with a group of your friends. You have to follow the instructions given in the program to complete the task as per the instructor. If you are creative on yourself, then you can move it through your skills and experience.

The quest will go on for 30 to 45 days. Yet it is an easy program, but you have to be careful about a few things:


Firstly, you have to make sure not to navigate outside the member login zone or be directed to the sales page. When you try to enrol back in, you won’t be going on the same page you left. It doesn’t matter if you have bought the all-access plan for the quest. You won’t be getting any privileges from that. 

Mindvalley has a big name in the world. It has spent a lot of money on providing these quests to their customers through their Quest All-Access plans. It is not so easy to enrol and use these programs with the average quality of content.

Here is one more issue in the video of the Sacral Chakra quest. There is a video that is quite attractive and easy to navigate by watching the video. With Mindvalley, you can have one useful and distinctive feature of speeding up the videos. There are many quests in the All-Access Quest pass, which you have to go through while subscribing to this program.

Types of Quests You Can Have Access to in Mindvalley

Below is the list of online quests which you can access by subscribing to the Mindvalley all-access pass:

  • Awaken Species by Neale Donald Walsch
  • Money EQ by Ken Honda
  • Unlocking Transcendence by Jeffrey Allan
  • Conscious Uncoupling by Katherine Woodward 
  • Live By Your Own Rules by Kristina Mand-Lakhiani
  • Conscious Parenting Mastery by Dr. Shefali Tsabary
  • Life Visionary Mastery by Michael Beckwith
  • The Quest for the Personal Mastery by Srikumar Rao
  • M Word by Emily Fletcher
  • The Habit of the Ferocity by Steven Kotler
  • Hero, Genius, and Legend by Robin Sharma
  • Speak & Inspire by Lisa Nichols
  • Chakra Healing by Anodea Judith
  • The Psychology of Winning by Denis Waitley
  • Be Extraordinary by Vishen Lakhiani
  • Transformational Hypnotherapy by Marisa Peer
  • Superbrain by Jim Kwik
  • The Yoga Quest by Cecelia sardeo
  • The Longevity Blueprint by Ben Greenfield
  • Super Reading by Jim kwik
  • Feng Shui For the Life by Marie Diamond
  • Energy Medicine by Donna Eden
  • The Mastery of Sleep by Michael Breus
  • Duality by Jefrey Allen
  • The Silva Ultramind System by Vishen Lakhiani
  • Total Transformation by Christine Bullock
  • Uncompromised Life by Marisa Peer

Some quests are coming soon in the Mindvalley program:

  • Integral Theory by Ken Wilber
  • Become Stress-Proof by Paul McKenna
  • Energies of Love by Donna Eden
  • Ultimate Leaderships by Keith Ferrazi
  • The Alan Watts Quests by Alan Watts
  • The Power of Boldness by Naveen Jain
  • Superhuman at Work by Vishen Lakhiani
  • Mastering the Authentic Networking by the Keith Ferrazi
  • 10X Fitness by Lorenzo Delano

What is Mindvalley Quest’s all-access pass?

The Quest All-Access Pass offered by Mindvalley will permit you to access every quest available on Mindvalley with a yearly price. You have to pay for once in a year to subscribe to the following plan as an enrollment fee, and then you can enjoy using it. After enrollment, you can have access to all the quests.

You can start the program alone, or you can start with your group and work in a team. The following are some perks you will get with this plan:

  • You can access more than 30 quests and many upcoming quests on Mindvalley. There is no need to buy a separate subscription for each quest.
  • You can access all the social networking sites. You can upload your pictures and videos to Facebook groups and on many other platforms.
  • You will also get a 20-minute questionnaire through which you can analyze your improvements. It will help in focusing on your life, self-love, and force you to think big.
  • The instructors on Mindvalley will provide you efficient and useful guidance through live calls about their quest program. They will share their books, new tips, and experiences to motivate you in your life.
  • There is a definite 10-day money-back guarantee offered by Mindvalley. You have to fill some questions on the refund page while generating any request, and then you will get your refund.

With perks, some things are not included in this plan. Let us discuss some of those below:

  • Lifebook Online
  • Wildfit
  • Unlimited Abundance

Many people who are getting enrolled with All-access Mindvalley Quest Pass may get disappointed when they know about the exclusion of these programs. Lifebook online is a great program offered by Mindvalley but has to be enrolled separately.

What is Included in the Mindvalley All-access Quest Pass for the Users?

The following are the few things offered by the Mindvalley to its customers after getting subscribed for the All Access Quest Pass:

  • You will be offered with an unlimited approach to the Midvalley presented 30+ quests.
  • You will have complete access to all the online communities of Mindvalley quests.
  • You will get live free coaching monthly classes through calls with all the Mindvalley authors.
  • You will get access to all upcoming quests in the next 12 months.
  • You will have free certification for every quest you complete or subscribe to. You can display it on social media sites.
  • You can also use it with the desktop version, on Apple TV, and iPad app.
  • It is very easy to use its android app on any smartphone available.
  • There is a 15-day money-back guarantee offered without any condition.

Mindvalley has introduced more than thirty quests in the All-Access Quest pass and keeps on introducing new quests every year. They offer live coaching classes through calls with certifications.

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Free Certification Over the Completion of Each Quest

Every time you complete a quest, you will get a free certificate for it, which you can take a print and post it even on social media sites. With this, you will get to know the importance of the Mindvalley All-Access pass, and it will also increase its value in the market. People around will be keen to know about Mindvalley.

What will be the Cost for All-access Mindvalley Quest Pass?

Mindvalley All Access Quest Pass is a one-time investment to access most of the quests offered by Mindvalley. It will cost you $599 per year with an unlimited approach to every quest. 

You will find some of the quests that will cost you $1000, but they are offered for $295 with this pass with access to the free masterclasses. You have to get enrolled with at least three quests to make the purchase worth it. With unlimited access, there are few things not included like online Lifebook, Unlimited Abundance, and Wildfit.

What are the Merits and Demerits of All-access Mindvalley Quest Pass?

Like any other product in the market, the All-Access Quest Pass also has some positive and negative impacts. You have to see whether it is worth buying or not by examining its good and bad points. Let us discuss some pros and cons below:

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Pros- Mindvalley Quest Review

There are many positive things in Mindvalley, which makes it the most popular program in the world. Because of its benefits, people like to enroll in it. Let us sum up some advantages of it:

  • Excellent quality content is published on the courses.
  • Users will get true and useful suggestions from experts all over the world.
  • The teachings from the well-experienced people will change one’s life and mind with positive vibes.
  • Expert lessons will help in increasing confidence, self-love, and self-development.
  • It is the most affordable plan available in Mindvalley that gives access to more than 30 quests.

Cons- Mindvalley Quest Review

  • You may find lesson videos short. Those videos are fascinating, and you will wish to see them more and more, but the video content will not be satisfying. You will want to expand those videos for a long time.
  • You have to devote your time to the program. You have to make time about 30 to 60 minutes per day to grasp a lesson. Then, studying a lesson, you have to follow the instructions and exercise all things that are suggested.
  • You have to set your mind in a way that you have to believe in the work.

Is There Any Other Way of Accessing Mindvalley Quest Review?

You can have access to Mindvalley by installing an application on your mobile to keep it with you every time.

Mindvalley’s mobile application

Mindvalley also has a mobile application that you can easily download in your smartphones through app stores. After downloading the application, you have to log in if you have already enrolled with any Access plan or first, you have to get enrolled.

Then you can easily make purchases on your app. In the community section, you can share your pictures with links on the Facebook groups.

Mindvalley Connections Application

Mindvalley has introduced its connections app, which has the basic goal is to connect people. It connects people with those who are already taking classes. You can easily get people who are already in the circle of Mindvalley through Mindvalley meetings, users, and the latest events. It is an effective way of learning about Mindvalley and its quests.

Frequently Asked Questions-Mindvalley Quest Review

Is There Any Customer Service Provided with Mindvalley Quest?” 

Yes, Mindvalley offers an excellent customer support service that will take your problems as their priority and try to resolve them as soon as possible

Are There Any Extra Charges to Avail the Quest Included in the Mindvalley All-Access Pass?

No, you have to pay for once to avail of the plan. Once paid, you can access any quest program you want free of cost. 

What Kind of Certification is Provided by Mindvalley?

After completing each quest, you will get a completion certificate that you can take print or post on social networking sites. 

Conclusion- Mindvalley Quest Review

Mindvalley is offering more than 30 quests in its subscription plans. You can subscribe for each quest separately by paying for them separately, or you can opt for the All Access plan of Mindvalley so that you can choose from any quest you want to subscribe to. With the All-access Quest pass, you have to pay once, and then you can enjoy it anytime and anywhere. 

People find different ways of getting ideas and enhance their thinking skills with Mindvalley. You have to pay yearly to get subscribed to it. The course has very high-quality material and allows you to connect with different people around the world. You can access different Facebook groups and share your pictures via desktop or Mindvalley mobile application. 

Mindvalley has presented quite extraordinary opportunities and offers to its customers for their growth. It will help in enhancing your mind skills by providing you with the help of instructors in various quests.

We have provided you with the best Mindvalley Quest review, which can help you find the worth of this program by joining the Mindvalley All-access Quest Plan.

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