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People all over the world have started doing business on Amazon and they are facing some issues in the initial stages. One has to convince the customers to buy their products, so selling products can be difficult when starting. But there is a big difference between selling something online and offline. If you want to sell something online, you should understand the value in online tools to help in achieving more sales. In this article, we will review one such tool, Seller Snap that we think can help you achieve your target sales.

Seller Snap was specially designed to help you sell products at a higher price point on Amazon.

What is Seller Snap?

Seller Snap is an AI algorithmic repricer and analytics tool that helps to reprice your product as per the current Amazon behavioural trend. It is designed to increase Amazon sales by getting you the Buy Box at an optimal price. It uses Game Theory tactics to scan the competitive environment and outsmart your competitors.


Expanding Your Business:

Seller Snap’s motto is “Reprice. Analyze. Grow Your Business”. Seller Snap is currently offering a handful of innovative features to save you time by optimizing your Amazon listings and helping to increase revenue and profit. These features are not present anywhere else.


Repricing settings

  1. Seller Snap’s AI algorithmic Amazon Repricer thinks like a human seller to analyze competitor behavior and modify price. Since it is powered by artificial intelligence, it can adjust itself as per each specific scenario so that it is easier for you to outsmart your competition.
  2. On top of the algorithmic repricer, Seller Snap also offers custom repricing strategies. For example, a user can set up the repricer so that it follows a related ASIN. In this case, the repricer will adjust the price of the product on the basis of that ASIN.
  3. You can also follow the regional BuyBox and automatically adjust the price of a product.
  4. Users are able to create a repricing strategy as per a selected hour of the day.

Seller Analytics

With Seller analytics, Seller Snap provides sellers with efficient data insights with which they can understand their best and worst-performing products.

  1. Product Sales: It shows the number of sales and the velocity at which products are being sold. You will be able to distinguish between the good and the bad performing product with this.
  2. Restocking: You will be able to track orders so that you are aware of your stock and understand when you need to restock.
  3. Insights and Reports: Various reports and insights will be automatically generated as per your product performance and what can be done for improvement.
  4. Revenue Drop: You will get weekly statistics. This means, you will know which products generated less revenue than the previous week.
  5. Inventory columns and inventory age

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Pricing Plans:

Seller Snap comes with four price plans:

  • Accelerator Program – US $ 250 / month
  • Standard – US $ 500 / month
  • Premium – US $ 800 / month
  • Unlimited

Refer below image for details pricing:

sellersnap pricing


Seller Snap is a great tool for growing your business on Amazon. Let us know in the comments section below if you face any problems in using the tool. Like, and share the article with your friends who are looking to boost their Amazon sales.

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