Benefits of Hiring a Managed IT Solution


Small business owners are often under the impression that they can handle their own IT needs. After all, most people know how to use a computer and find an email address these days. But what many small business owners don’t realize is that managing your IT internally is like trying to do surgery without any training—with explosive consequences for your company’s bottom line. Let us take a look at the potential benefits of hiring a managed IT firm:

Hiring a Managed IT Solution

  1. Reduced Risk of Breached Security

Let’s start with the most obvious benefit: security. By leveraging a managed IT firm, your company will have access to the latest technologies and methodologies designed to keep outside threats at bay—which brings us to our next point.

  1. Faster Implementation of Up-to-Date Technologies

Yes, it is certainly possible for someone with an IT background to understand up-to-date technology trends—but without working knowledge of how these systems work, they are not realistic options for many small business owners who just don’t have the time or resources necessary to research and implement these solutions on their own. A Managed IT firm can help you stay relevant in today’s digital age by identifying innovative tools that improve productivity and secure your business—and then making the appropriate recommendations based on your unique needs.

  1. Dramatically Reduced Costs Compared to Partial or Full Internal IT Staffing

This is one of the major reasons to consider managed IT services: not only will you be able to quickly and effortlessly take advantage of relevant technologies, but you’ll also be paying for support as opposed to full salaries and benefits. Additionally, if your company decides that it no longer needs the help offered by a Managed IT firm, canceling this service is quick and painless (a stark contrast to the headaches involved with firing an internal staff member).

  1. Diverse Workforce Can Offset Losses When You Cannot Access Your Systems due to Difference

Of course, there are those times when you won’t be able to access your systems, either because of time or location constraints. This can be an incredibly stressful situation for business owners who have no idea what might be going on without the benefit of IT support. So if something does happen, it’s nice to know that a Managed IT firm will likely have a diverse workforce with ample experience and knowledge in multiple areas, enabling them to handle almost any type of emergency.

  1. Responsiveness and Thoughtful Solutions: A Team Driven by Results

Finally, and perhaps most importantly: hiring a managed IT firm will improve responsiveness and results. For example, if you’ve wanted a system upgrade for your office but haven’t been able to justify it, a Managed IT firm will consider this when building out a customized solution for your company. Additionally, if you have any suggestions about how to improve your systems in the future—such as software that is not operating correctly or hardware that requires an upgrade—managers of these services will take into account all of your feedback and make thoughtful recommendations on how to improve efficiency over time.

  1. Standardized Workflow and Processes

In addition to being more responsive, a managed IT solution will also standardize workflow and processes. In other words, instead of having different people using various tools on their own time—which can lead to unnecessary mistakes and rework—your entire team members will be able to work together seamlessly with the assistance of a Managed IT firm’s unique solutions designed specifically for your business. Ultimately, this standardized approach means that everyone is operating from a common playbook—no matter whom you get on the phone when something goes wrong.

  1. A Catalyst for Innovation

At the end of the day, a managed IT firm is your partner in business: as such, they will be able to identify new and innovative tools that can help you solve problems and save money. And because these services are always looking ahead and staying up-to-date with the latest technologies and trends, they will likely be able to recommend solutions before you even knew you needed them—bringing about a sense of excitement and enthusiasm for businesses everywhere.

  1. Avoid Financial and Reputational Risks

Of course, with the wonders of new technology come many risks: for example, most companies do not have a dedicated staff member whose sole responsibility is responding to emails from customers who accuse them of da you’re worried about potential security breaches.

  1. Security and Compliance

Finally, always remember that hiring a managed IT firm means that your business will be physically and digitally secure. Some Managed IT firms offer cyber insurance as part of their service packages—an essential tool if you want to protect both your company and its data. It’s easy enough for one employee to throw a wrench in your entire operation; it’s even easier when that person is an outsider with no inside knowledge of your systems, staff, or workflow.

  1. Flexibility and Personalization

Additionally, if you are looking for flexibility, most managed IT solutions allow companies the opportunity to tailor the services offered to their specific needs—a welcome change from the “one size fits all” model used by many competitors. You will also have access to personalized service plans designed specifically for your business—and different types of clients often get preferential treatment on pricing and support levels. With this type of customizable approach, any Managed IT firm will be able to assess your needs thoroughly and pass along savings to you.


With so many benefits to hiring a Managed IT firm, the only question left is whether or not your business will be able to keep up. The good news? For most companies, there is no need! With its ability to streamline services and solve problems faster than ever before, becoming an early adopter of this type of solution can truly increase efficiency—and speed—across the board.


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