High Pr Backlinks List 2015[Updated]

Hi friends today iam going to share something interesting which passes some good link juice to your blog which eventually passes some good link juice to your blog ,and now a days iam mostly concentrating on getting backlinks from high pr dofollow backlinks which leads to rank me higher google.
so i decided to share this article with my guests.

high pr backlinks

Pr9,Pr8,Pr7,Pr6 Backlinks List

1) get dofollow backlink from google plus 

you know that google  plus is one of the site owned by google ,getting backlink from it matters a lot .you can get a dofollow backlink very easily from google.
follow the below steps to get a dofollow pr9 link:
1) sign into google plus 
2)go and edit your about us section
3)go and add your website link over there
it’s done hurray you got a pr9 backlink from google plus

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2) orkut.com: get a pr7 dofollow backlink

orkut one of the outdated social networking site from google you can get easily a pr7 backlink to your site so now its time to use it back .it again offers you a dofollow backlink in “about” section 
follow the below steps 
1) go to orkut.com
2)sign in with your existing google account
3)go to about  section add your  website link in your profile

3) linkedin.com get a backlink pr9 backlink from me 🙂

linkedin is one of the active social networking site with good number of  monthly active users, i grabbed a backlink from it now its your turn to grab it.
1) go to linkedin.com
2)sign up with your fb account or else create  one
3)now go to edit profile
4) add your website url to the profile and save changes
now its done you got another pr9 backlink to your blog
ohh  its done ill give you a list of some more high pr websites where you can grab some worthy backlinks just by creating a profile in it.

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thecnorati.com  is of pr8 and alexa around 1300 not only gaining a high pr8 backlink but you can also drive out some crazy traffic to your blog by submiting your articlres to this websiteto get a backlink from these website follow the below steps
1) go to  technorati.com
2) sign up and get an account
3)you can find an option add url there you can add your website link
4) next procced to further steps and and claim your blog and submit your url where ever required 
5) then you can get a dofollow backlink

5) get a  dofollow pr 9 backlink from facebook.com 

facebook.com is worlds largest social website .you know that you can get a good amount of traffic from it but you know that it can give you a dofollow backlink yes you can get it.i learnt this strategy from paul of  chrometechny.com 
1) you are going to get it with a useful app html editor to you use it click here
2)now you can find an button add STATIC HTML EDITOR then click on it 
3)  you can find add facebook page, select the page and click ok
4) then go to your page you can find that tab with a star button click on edit tab  

  <a title”check out” href=”https://techhug.net” target=”_blank”

 now just replace my website name with that of your’s in the code , you can get a dofollow backlink from facebook
if you have any doubts or any problem in getting a backlink,post your opinions as comments ill try to answer within 24 hours

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