How To Improve Your Alexa Rank Of Blog/Website Quickly


Killer Tips To Increase  Alexa Rank Of Blog

Hi friends, my name is Vivek and I am a person who is passionate about blogging. Now I am going to tell you some killer tricks to boost up your alexa ranking, now let me discuss about it.iam sure this will help you for sure

What is Alexa rank & why Alexa rank is important

Alexa is a property of amazon they define themselves as a web information company they calculate your websites rank based  on your website traffic. They only consider the impressions which pass through their system, it means if a person who installed alexa tool bar opens your blog, then it is recorded as an impression, although if that person opens your blog 5 times a day still its recorded as 1 impression by Alexa, as it counts the hits passed through their system, only techy guys and webmasters install this Alexa toolbar.

After google Pagerank, Alexa is the second most important factor by which the authority of your blog can be known!

# the authority of your blog in your particular niche can be known
#you can get more number of sponsored posts to your blog if you have a decent Alexa ranking
#you can direct advertisers to your blog to buy your ad spaces
#you can get more number of guest posts
Now let me discuss

increase- alexa-of your-site

Install the Alexa toolbar

Install the Alexa toolbar in your browser and tell your readers about the Alexa toolbar, ask them to install the Alexa toolbar, (P.S: Ask your friends to install Alexa toolbar and open your blog atleast once) and add the Alexa widget to your blog. I’m not sure whether it works or not, but most of the webmasters believe that adding an Alexa toolbar to your blog helps to increase your Alexa ranking.

Use SEO forums and fb blogger’s groups

As almost every webmaster and blogger install Alexa toolbar in the their browser getting the traffic from them boost up your Alexa a lot.and u can get some decent traffic to your blog.

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Write review about Alexa

Add an article on your blog related to alexa and link back to

Blogging and seo articles

Write articles related to blogging, SEO and internet marketing in your blog so that you can get more traffic from the techy guys and webmasters

Backlinking and commenting

Alexa also calculates the number of backlinks you are getting to your blog comment on high authority blogs and drive some crazy traffic to your blog. Related to blogging and technology. In this way you can get more number of backlinks also. Using this way, you can get more number of backlinks.

Use comment luv

If your blog is on WordPress platform use comment luv commenting system in your blog so that techy guys try to build backlinks through your blog. Although some pr juice flows out through your blog (but you can make all  them nofollow after some nice increase of alexa rank, seems crazy but works well)

Update your blog regularly

Write quality articles and maintain post frequency in your blog so that it can increase your Alexa ranking.

Use social networking sites

Use social networking sites like stubmbleupon and reddit to drive some good traffic to your blog.
#The most important thing is getting some good traffic from techy guys  because their hearts are going to increase Alexa rank so build a good no of techy readers to your blog it surely boost up your Alexa rank.

Guest posting

Do guest posting on high authority blogs related to your niche so that you can drive some visitors related to your blog and also you can get dofollow backlinks.
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