How To make money online for teenagers

 make money online for teenagers
Searching for How to make money online? Then you are at right place here I will discuss some ways  for making money without investment using your computer. Using the ways given everyone can make dollars but they require time and little hardwork. The Internet is littered with opportunities to   make bucks. So have a look on my given tips …

How much time it takes for making money?
Well it depends on the subject you have choosen to make money and how much you are good in it and a little hardwork..

How much money can I make?
It depends on you and your work if you work hard regularly you can make a passive income or just pay you bills easily.

make bucks online for everyone

<<Some tips for making money online>>

  • Blogging 

If you’re passionate about writing and have a interesting topic for writing then blogging is a great way for you. Starting a blog doesn’t require any technical skills but it’s important that you have expertise in the field you are writing on. This will attract visitors to your site. Building a large following will enable you to earn profit by showing advertisements, writing paid reviews or getting commissions for promoting other people’s products. It takes time to earn a single penny from a blog but people makes massive income from blog. There are two main platforms of blog i.e  WordPress and Blogger.
  • Buying/Selling domains

Buying and selling domain names is another way to make money online from home and requires very little investment and time. You can buy domains at their registration prices or even cheaper (using coupon) and trade them at a profit. However, always research on sites such as,, or other domain auction sites to get an estimate of the hottest selling names. The best way to find good ones is to use terminated domain lists, which contain several expired names that are back in the pool. This way you can earn tons of money.
  • Selling photos

If you love photography and are good with camera. Then you can earn huge revenue. There are people who will be interested in your collection of images. Nowadays, it’s easy to take your photos to the public, providing a convenient way to build a secondary income stream. Many stock photo agencies, such as Fotolia, Dreamstime and Shutterstock, offer incentives for people to earn from their photos. If you have a nice hd camera then you can try this method.
  • YouTube 

If there is a performer hidden inside you who loves audience and applause. Then you can upload yourself on youtube. If you got a video who can get millions of views then you can earn huge income. You will earn income from ads shown on your video. It is a simple way to earn money but requires a little talent.
  • Making themes

If you are good in making themes and coding then you can make themes sites such as Template Monster and ThemeForest act as a place where you can sell your theme and can get money. As the online presence in increasing the more and more themes will be needed so there’s a huge demand in this.
  • Building Applications

As today everyone is having a smartphone and there apps are gaining popularity and selling like hot cakes. With over million of apps for Iphone and Android. There is a huge demand of apps.  Developing your app and selling is a good way for earning money as it doesn’t requires any cost (storage and shipping). There is a huge margin in developing apps.
  • Freelancing

Freelancing is a great option for professionals who are experts in their respective trades and know how to ensure customer satisfaction. Various freelancing and project-oriented sites allow companies that need help to describe their projects. Freelancers and small businesses offer bids, ideas or proposals, from which the buyers can choose what they find most suitable. Websites such as Elance cover everything from programming and writing to data entry and design.
  • Affiliate Marketing

For those who can sell something easily than this is a great option for them by becoming affiliate. An Affiliate is a person who gets commission for selling a product he promotes whether on his website or on Ebay. You don’t have to own the product. You only need to sign up for an affiliate program with a company and start selling its products under your referral link.
  • Selling Ebooks

If you can write a ebook you can sell it at your own rate through you website or some other way. You can get a large amount of money by selling ebbok if your ebook gets popular.

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