How To Build Android Apps Without/No Coding

The reason why most of the mobile users choose android is because its applications are available for cheap in the market and can be applicable for any operating system as it is an open source. It has enough number of apps that are inbuilt and also has a mammoth number of developers in the world

In general, it is easy to write code for an Android application. It may seem tough, but it is actually easy to write a code on your own. There are many sites in the internet to help you out here. Using this, one can write a code for an Android app without any coding knowledge
. In the next part of the article, I’ll show you how to create your own Android app easily.
Here I’m listing out some websites that offer you free android app creation. You can try these online to build Android applications and thus make money instantly. Here we go.Now you can make Android apps without coding online. absolutely free, you don’t require any coding skills

Websites to make Android Apps Without Coding

Make MeDroid:Build Android Apps Without Coding

Make MeDroid is an app developing site that is easy to access. You don’t need to have the technical knowledge to access here. You can have ready to use screens, mouse click customization and powerful actions are some of its features that will help you to develop an app in a fraction of minutes.
Here, you can build your own application online without installing any software. You just have to sign up into its website and choose the required options, then continue with the required tasks.

• It is 100% online app creation
• Templates with pictures
• Updated customization capabilities
• You can test tools
• Marketing tools

Apps Geyser:Make Android Apps For Free

There are many applications available for free in AppsGeyser. Here, you can create any kind of application that is listed on their site. You can various categories like website, browser, News, Zip archive. EBook etc. Here too you don’t need any code to access this application.

In AppsGeyser, you have to create an account which is free and have to select the type of application you want to make.After that, you have to give the details regarding your application like name of app, size of screen, small description about the application. Then click on create app option. After the completion of this process, you can download your desired app in .apk format.

Now, you can make money from the app you made by monetizing it. All you need to do is to apply for monetization in their site. After applying there, you will get a mail regarding your monetization status from the website.

• No need to code
• Creation of tabs to navigate the content
• Earning money from your app
• Usage of HTML5 to develop features
promote your app in appgeyser

Appypie :Build android apps easily

Appypie is another awesome website to create android apps for free and without any knowledge of programming language. This offers a vast range of categories, while creating an application. The best feature here is that you can use the feature of drag and drop to access this site while creating your app.

• No need of coding.
• Drag and drop feature
• Can easily publish on amazon app, Google play and apple iTunes
• Number of choices to make an app
• Updates and app reversions available
You can try this website and can earn decent money from them. How far you can go financially by building android apps in these websites completely depends on your creativity. Stay tuned to the site for more tech tips and tricks.if you know any websites regarding making android apps let me know through your comments so that it will be helpful to others

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