How To Earn Money From Facebook Without Investment

Facebook is not just a website to share fun and feelings, but also to earn huge bucks into your pocket. Perhaps, it has become one of the best platforms to expand ones business in online and internet. To make money using Facebook, you have to approach the genuine ways instead of fraud ways. Because there are many fraud ways as well, like in any other field. So, initially you gotta be careful when you want to make money using Facebook.

Having found a matter for consideration, one should not allow time to pass – anonymous. Why to be late now? Let’s begin.

Here in the article, I’m going to reveal some methods to make money using Facebook as a platform.
As far as genuine ways are concerned, there are three ways to make money through Facebook. They are
1.                    Through Facebook Pages
2.                    Through Affiliate Advertising 
3.                    Marketing an e-book

Making Money Through Facebook Pages:

Just like to maintain a website, you have concentrate on the content that you post. YOu can have more reach through a Facebook page than a Facebook profile. So, all you need to do is to aim a niche first and then to create an attractive content so that you can get more likes for your page. The reason behind doing this is that, it can reach more people within less time. It all depends on how you’re going to create the content depending on your needs. For example, if you’re interested in pets, then, your posts must be like how to grow pets? What does pets like?
The point to be notice here is that you don’t need to have a niche for sure. Having niche is not mandatory, but it will make the difference by having one.
so, here we are. Once after getting enough likes, you can drive the traffic through social media to your blog, which will boost the viewershipfor your blog. Needless to say that increment in the viewership of a blog brings you enough money. There you are!

Making Money Through Affiliate Advertising:

Affiliate programming is something that brings you bucks by promoting others’ products through the sources you have. The income in affiliate marketing depends on how much business you can generate. Most of the e commerce websites will have the affiliate programming. Making money through affiliate programming is as simple as that. These programs like flipkart, ebay provide you with an unique referral link and required marketing materials.
As you start promoting the products, you will the percentage inthe total price of the product, if anyone buys it through your affiliate link. There are many websites that have the opportunity for affiliate marketing. Here you can make the use of Facebook to promote your affiliate links.
Here you can make the use of Facebook pages as they will have more reach to the users in the social media. And also it is better to create a different Facebook account for each affiliate program. Whenever anyone clicks on your links and buys a product , you earn money.
Note: Always remember that you can apply for an affiliate program for free. Once you’ve decided to be an affiliate to anyone, choose a company and refer their affiliate plan. 
If any site asks you to pay for being an affiliate, better ignore it.

Making Money With an E-book Through Facebook

Unlike a book written using paper, writing an e-book will make no amount in making it. And moreover, it is an easy task to make and publish it. An e-book doesn’t need to have a particular number of pages unlike a real book. All you need to do is to aim a subject that you’re interested in or the subject that you think the readers are interested in to read and that can go viral. A non-fiction book is preferable that to write a book based on fiction. After choosing the subject, you have write on it in such a way that, what everyou wrote is as easy as that to implement them.

How to publish an e-book?

After the completion of e-book, better to save it in a PDF format and lock it with a password and send the password to the people who buy your e-book. There are many e-commerce services that allows you to promote your e-books for free. YOu have to choose a good publishing option to promote it. and are providing good services as far as promoting e-books is concerned.
Once you get a good service to promote it , now, you can shift to social facebook to promote it here. All you need to do here is to let your friends know about your book and create interest in them to buy your book online. Provide the link of your e-book, so that it will be available for your friends to buy it right there.
The demand for social media marketing is more in the present world. If one is familiar with the daily updates in the social networking sites, then it is a cake walk for them to use this platform for marketing and make money through it.
Hope you’ve enjoyed the article. Stay tuned with the for more.

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