Best Online Websites Tools To Check your Website Performance

Nowadays making a website is very easily you don’t have to waste hours to do the coding because of blogger & wordpress.

Analyze your Blog Correctly

They have made bloggers life easier. Even a 10 years child can make a website. But making site is not the important part. The Part which plays the massive role is Optimizing and Managing your site. To make a website go great you have to look at its responsiveness, performance, design and some other factors. Doing all these things properly can make your site go wonderful. So for these i have provided some websites below which can help you improve your website performance and other things too.

 Best Online Websites to check Your Website performance:

1. Woorank  (best tool for overall site optimisation)

This website is the best site according to us to check overall performance of a website. Woorank provide report for errors and some improvements for speed and Seo.


But there is a drawback of this site as all good things doesn’t come for free so this site is not free you have to signup for a monthly fees to get the report of your site and also they give free 1 website review every week in case you don’t want to signup for their monthly fee.

2. Responsive Test ( check responsiveness in different devices)

This is another great site to site to check your blog responsiveness on different devices like ipad , mac pro, android and other.


You can see weather there is any compatibility issue in your website’s template using this site you can easily knock out that error. And main thing it is absolutely free and it also plays an important role in your readers feedback as they will give negative feedbacks if your site is not properly showing on their devices. 

3. Pingdom  (best online tool to check your blog speed)

This is my personally liked tool. Pingdom is a user-friendly site to check you blog’s loading  time. Loading time plays a huge role in seo (Search Engine Optimization).


If you want better search engine ranking then you have to take care of your blog’s loading time. Pingdom also gives your website a grade and also provide page analysis and main thing it is free. You can just simply put your website link and hit the button and boom it will show all the details in few seconds and you can easily remove things which are making your blog slow.

4 You get Signal (To see website’s hosted on your same ip)

This site show you the websites which are hosted on the same ip on which your blog is also hosted.


So if you are using shared hosting and your website get’s down frequent so you can use this to see which website is causing it and then you can complaint to the manager.

5. Browser Shots (browser’s compatibility)

Browser shots allows you to check your site in different browsers. As majority of users are using different browsers according to their preference.


And almost every one has a different version of browser. So you can use this to see if your site is compatible on major browsers and doesn’t give any error.
These are some of the major website’s or online tools which i personally use many times to see my blog’s performance

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