How to Use Your Mobile camera as a PC/MAC Webcam

use-mobile-as-pc-webcamIn this modern world everybody loves to do online chatting and sometimes video chatting too or for a business talk. But for video chatting most important thing is webcam which is a little bit overpriced and cheap ones are very low quality. If you want to save your money and have a smartphone with good camera then you don’t really need a webcam. Your mobile phone can do the same thing a webcam do. For using your mobile camera as a webcam you will need some software and some other things. Well for that you are at right place so i have posted some methods by which you can easily video chat suing your mobile camera as a pc webcam.
Well here we have some best universally working methods for symbian, ios and android mobile users.You can use it wheter its an iphone or nokia. :p,we can use mobile/phone camera as pc camera

 Some methods to use mobile/Phone camera as a pc webcam-

Smartcam Package:

This software provides support to all mobile os such as android, symbian, ios and is very user friendly.

1. Download this Smartcam Package and extract in on you desktop using winrar or some other extracting software.
2. After downloading this you will have  files for your pc and mobile install .exe file on your pc and other files on your mobile.
3.Just follow the onscreen instructions and boom you will be online chatting in few minutes.

Mobiola Web Camera:Use Your Mobile as WebCam

smartphone-camera-act-as-webcamThis is another great app but there are few disadvantage this app is not free and you might have to pay a little bit extra to get this app running. This app is available for all mobile platforms.
1. Purchase this mobile camera app or download Trial Version.
2. Install this app on your handset.
3. Now follow the instructions and start chatting on your favourite social media like Facebook, Google+.

IP Webcam for android handsets:Use Android Mobile as WebCam

use-mobile-camera-as-webcamThis application is very simple and is available for android phone users. This app is free and connects in seconds.
1. Download this app Ip webcam .
2. Connect this to the same network your computer is connected to using Wifi.
3. Follow instructions given on the screen and in seconds you will be using your mobile phone camera as a pc webcam.
If this helps or you are facing any issue do comment we will try to help you. 

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