How To Setup a Custom Domain on a .blogspot Blogger blog

Blogger has always been a great choice for me and million others and I always recommend it to every newbie blogger. But to make a blog look professional we need to setup a custom domain and in this post we are going to tell you how? Well blogger is a free platform means everyone can easily setup a blog on it without paying even a single dime but as i mentioned it is free but that doesn’t mean everything is free you still have to spend around 2$ to remove the domain name which blogger provide you for ex: If you have a blog named xyz then blogger will give you a url like which looks ugly and too long so to remove this you have to spend 2$ for a custom domain. To get a custom domain you need to signup at domain providing site like Bigrock (I personally recommend this). Head over to Bigrock and buy a domain like or depending upon your pocket. After buying the domain you can look at the tutorial below:

How to setup a Custom Domain on Blogger

   Well I prefer Bigrock So, I will be showing on that but you can use whatever domain provider you like. Bigrock is a great provider and it provides domain at cheap price and also easy payment options.

  •  Signup at Bigrock after signup look for your domain if it is available. Click on Buy and choose Your payment option. It will cost you about 500-600 rs.(.com) per year and it is pretty cheap. 
  • After choosing your payment option you can use our coupon “” to avail some discount. And as blogger provides free hosting we don’t need to pay for it but if we were not using blogger then we have to buy hosting which costs around 300-400rs. per month. So, It is another advantage of using blogger.
  • After payment is completed headover to control panel of your domain name.
DNS-Management Bigorck
Bigrock DNS Management

  • In the control panel, look for an option called dns management and click on manage dns.
  • Now in the dens management window, click on add A Record and these 4 IPs. 
Adding IP’s

CNAME Record Bigrock
  • After adding these IPs click on CNAME record and add www in the name field and as the value.
  • After adding these create a blog on blogger. 
Adding Custom Domain In Blogger
  • Goto settings>basic>publishing and click on edit and add your domain address.
  • Don’t worry it will give some error and will give some values just copy 1st (short) value and goto control panel of your domain name and add a CNAME record and paste the first value in the name section.
  • After pasting the value go back to blogger and copy the long value and paste it in value section.
  • Now save the cname record and wait for around 1/2 hours for dns update changes and after that come back to blogger and again enter your custom domain url and click on save this time it will be saved without giving any error.
  • After saving it again click on edit and tick the checkbox saying redirect yourdomainname without www and click save.

After doing these your domain name will be redirected to your new domain name without .blogspot url. We hope this we will help you if you have any query or suggestion do comment! 

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