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The internet is the tool of the golden era. Everyone uses it, everyone is fond of it. In today’s world, everyone is always accessing the internet, sharing an image or a picture or a blog or anything. It is time you took advantage of this particular aspect.
The tool used for this purpose is called a URL Shortener that basically reduces the spaced in a URL making it easier and better looking to share. is the best application in this business. What it does is basically connect every URL that is shortened using this website with an advertisement for a large scale company. These advertisements will be shown to the people on the internet when they click on the link. The number of clicks will help you earn money.

URL Shorteners and their Uses :

Computer addicts and bloggers can make good use of’s features and tools and convert their URLs to a shorter format. Then, the user needs to share this link for t heir blog in various kinds of social media. When the people click on the link, one count will be added and the rates that are fixed are given for a particular number of clicks. After, Sharing will not only help you gain online traffic on your blog, but can now be used to make good amount of money online, just sitting at home.

How Works ?

How You Can Earn More ?

This opportunity is not just for the  new bloggers in town. The non bloggers are allowed to use photos or updates on facebook and shorten them, or also share vides of Youtube which when clicked on will generate a good sum of cash. On top of this, also offers affiliated referral benefits. This means that the user can use the links from a list of referrals to be shortened. Upon sharing, the  user will make a sum of 20% of the fixed value of the rate of money per clicks.

Payment Proof:

Shorte.stoffers a highly user friendly interface that is quite simple to operate. The user’s invoice of the clicks on the links shared is often updated almost on a daily basis by the companies that advertise. The money is given for every thousand clicks according to a rate that is different in different countries, varying from $0.28 to $1.66. Payment Proof
The method of payment is also very plain and simple. The user needs to have a Payoneer or a Paypal account that is fully updated in the settings area. The payment will be credit on the 10th of each month without fail.  The first payment is released into the user’s account only if he/she exceeds earnings of a lower limit value of $5. If the value is not met, that month’s payment will simply be carried to the next months payment and that will be released if it exceeds five dollars and the cycle continue.

Final Verdict:

Shorte.stis a highly simplified and useful tool that can be people and bloggers alike to earn some money just by sharing information or images or links to a bigger company upon shortening their URL. It is extremely careful with the details of the customer, making sure it doesn’t fall in the wrong hands. A user can sign in on the website by creating an account or signing in with facebook and the account is valid for ever. This makes a very reliable and efficient website. 
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