Astrum Touchpad Mini Bluetooth Multimedia Keyboard Review

So Guys as you were bored of software and you wanted some hardware reviews. So, we contacted some sponsors and they agreed to sent us the product for a review and this will be our first hardware review. Lets start without wasting any more time.


Well this mini keyboard looks absolutely stunning. It comes in two colors black and white. It’s dimensions are 261*84*19 mm. It is very small as you can easily guess by the dimensions. It has a soft touch on its keys. It is very slim and has some special functions like music,volume etc control specific keys.


  • 15 Multimedia hotkeys
  • 10 meters working Range
  • OS compatibility
  • Intelligent Power sacing
  • Touchpad


It has good lucks along with comfort design. It can also connect to android, windows and ios so you don’t have to be worried about os compatibility. Ergonomically design to avoid liquid spill problem and comfort. Touchpad is the best feature you can easily switch back from numerical to simple mouse pad just by swiping you fingers above it. Power saving is also a benefit as it helps in the long battery life.


Well as this keyboard is small and it will only good for people with small hands and to those who don’t use keyboard much. If you are one who types and plays games a lot then you mmay find this keyboard annoying as will occur too many mistakes while typing due to small keycaps. Sometime it disconnects when i leave it for 10 minutes untouched and i have to unpair and then pair again for my pc but on mobile it works absolutely brilliant.

How it works:

Well working of the keyboard is very simple simply pop in 2 1.5v pencil cells. Switch it on by sliding the button on the back toward on. Make sure your bluetooth is on of the device which you want to connect this keyboard with. Now search for the bluetooth device. Press and hold escape and k key on the keyboard you computer or mobile should detect the keyboard. Click connect and choose the pairing method. Enter the code on your keyboard and hit enter and boom it will be connected and you can start enjoying without worrying about cables within 10 meters of range.


Well the keyboard is available at Amazon India at around 1765 rs INR as of now. You can buy this from here.


Well if you want a small compact keyboard then you can go for it or if you use keyboard very rarely and don’t care about the overpricing then this will be right choice. 

Special Thanks for our Sponsors! 

I hope you like our review of Astrum mini bluetooth keyboard and if you have any queries do leave a comment below.

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