Corsair Force GT 240GB SSD Review

Hey guys today we are going to review Corsair Gt force 240gb SSD. Well if you don’t know what a ssd is then let me break it down for you. Actually a ssd is just like another mass storage device but is five times more faster than your normal HardDisk. Well to test this corsair ssd i switched my old harddisk to this and i was stunned to see the performance boost. In my opinion if you want to upgrade your pc then SSD is an best upgrade you can do at now. My computer shutdown in like 5 seconds and boots in around 7 seconds. Computer feels much more responsive and read write are speeds are just awesome.


We tried benchmarks with Atto Benchmarks tool and the results  were quite impressive. And tthe ssd was able to achieve the advertised read and write speed by corsair fair easily. The drive has read speed of 555MB/s and write speed of Around 525MB/s.


The Force GT 240gb is a somewhat diverse creature than the 120gb model; it posts altogether better compose execution no matter how you look at it and was particularly discernible in our true benchmarks. The Force GT 240gb tries for about $460 road, making it one of the more lover level SSD offerings (plan 240gb offerings are closer to the $400 mark). The 120gb adaptation for examination is about $205, so marginally less every GB. Characteristically the most astounding limit model conveys a slight premium. 
General the Force GT is one of the best-performing Sandforce-based Ssds accessible today; it doesn’t have an issue staying aware of the OCZ Vertex 3. In the event that you require more space than the 120gb adaptation offers and the 240gb is inside your funding, we exceedingly suggest it. 


Preferable compose execution over the 120gb form
Rankling general execution


Marginally more money every GB than the 120gb variant
Primary concern

The Corsair Force GT 240gb is a devotee level SSD totally, keeping up with the best-performing offerings available today. It has far better compose execution than the 120gb rendition.
You can buy this ssd from here.

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