Vibosoft Android Mobile Manager Review – Coolest Android PC Suite

Is your Android Smartphone hanging frequently and slow? Is the low memory of your Android Smartphone annoying you? Do you find it hard to manage files in your Android device?

If you’re facing the above problems, then you have to stop worrying from now. You don’t have to worry about them anymore because there is a solution for this, yes I’m saying about Vibosoft Android Mobile Manger.

I was also the one who faced that problem and found it very hard to get good condition of my smartphone.

I searched for many solutions in the name of Android Mobile Manager and finally I ended up my search with Vibosoft Android Mobile Manager.

Vibosoft Android Mobile Manager Review – Coolest Android PC Suite

It is a Android PC suite that helps to Add, Delete and Manage files on your Android Smartphone. This also helps you to manage other things like SMSs, Music, Videos, Contacts, and much more. All you need to do is to install them and once after installing it, you can see the change by yourself!

But you have to install USB Debugging in your phone. If you have no idea about how to enable USB Debugging in your smartphone, I’ll tell you about that.

Just follow this path: Settings>>Developers Options>>USB Debugging. That’s it! Now let’s have a look into the features of Vibosoft Android Mobile Manager.

Features of Vibosoft Android Mobile Manager

You don’t have to download Android Smartphone Drivers for this. Unlike other Android Mobile Managers, this works just by connecting it to a Laptop or a PC.

Once this Android PC suite searches for the compatiable drives. You can download it and install which takes only minutes to do.

This actually saves a lot of your time even if you don’t have any idea about Android Smartphone drivers and where to download it. If you remember, previously smartphones used to come up with a Software CDs and with a Android PC suite. You can’t see those kind of things now. That was time consuming, but this is not.

Backup, Manage and Export Contacts and Text Messages

Managing your Text Messages and Contacts is a herculiin task sometimes when you’re using Android Smartphones. Same happened with me. I used to confuse where to save my contacts as there are too many, though countable. I save some of them in Gmail Accounts, some in internal memory, and some in the internal memory and the remaining in the SIM card.

This kind of managing will obviously leads to the duplicate contacts in the phone. But using Vibosoft Android Mobile Manger, I could be able to delete all the duplicate contacts now. Vibosoft also helps you to in transfeting contacts from an Anroid phone to Computer.  That’s one of its best features.

And also the service messages that keeps you annoying all the time. You have to either  delete them or keep them if they are important. You don’t have to worry about this because once you connect this to the Android Mobile Manager, you can just select and delete them. This really saves a lot of time and memory for your device.

Did you notice this?

More than 62% of the apps you have installed on your mobile phone, you don’t even use them on an average in a month.

This might be a shocking fact for you.

You can remove all such apps that keep on clogging up the internal memory of your device just by installing this Vibosoft Android Mobile Manager.

That’s the reason I recommend anyone using Android Smartphone to use Vibosoft Android Mobile Manager as it has got many features. Give it a try for your device! There is a full version and free version too, also check Tips to Transfer Android Contacts to Computer

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