How to access Linux partitions from Windows 7,8 and XP

Linux is one of the most popular OS voted by the users and it was famous since it has been tatty in nearly all kind of electronic devices. Also Linux Distros are giving windows like GUI.

Nowadays there are many free stuffs available on the internet to help you for replacing your windows system. Even, if you are windows user and want try Linux then you don’t require to uninstall for using it. You can employ dual boot to access Linux via Windows partitions.


But how would you access Linux partitions from windows ? If you are in the situation to transfer files from Linux Drives to Windows the you can simply access it by logging into Linux. So without ado today  let’s find out how to access Linux partitions from Windows???

Access Linux Partitions from Windows Operating System

Ubuntu, mint, suse these are the Linux destros while installing any of these always choose ext4 file system before disk partition which is Linux supported one. Disk Internals Linux Reader is free of cost of cost efficacy which helps to read ext2/ext3/ext/4 files in windows system so that you can read the Linux partitions without problems.

You can download the Linux reader at no cost by the link given below. After successful installation in your windows system you will be able to read the Linux drivers akin to windows. This application only endows with read only feature while accessing the Linux files, which is most protected way to process other operating system files. The best things about it’s that you can access Linux drivers from windows explorer.

Download: Linux Reader

Access Linux Partitions from Windows 7, 8 and XP

After downloading successfully, install and lunch the program and you will get a familiar windows explorer interface like windows XP. Now you can see the all disk partitions which have in your system, and you can open your Linux drive from that list. Emphasize the file to get a preview in bottom of the screen and you can also get the full details of your chosen file in the left side pan.

Now if you want change anything in your Linux drive then you need to trade in the file to windows to edit that. Right-click on the file and click save, you’ve done it. Now, you can do any changes from windows Operating system.


I hope you recognized how to access Linux partitions from Windows 7,8 and XP? But if you’ve any problem during the installation let us know.

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