HP Spectre x360 full review

HP revealed its hottest Spectre x360 convertible laptop at MWC. According to the tech fans – Is it going to be the device which will run bloatware free in Windows 8.1 as we’ve expected?

Common! Time to seek out about HP Spectre x360 full review. Let’s start.

Design and Built-In-Performance

HP Spectre x360 has hinge like Lenovo’s Yoga range that enables stand, tent or tablet configure with it. Company declared that it’s the most robust and smooth hinge with three spiral gears on the marketplace.

HP Spectre x360 full review

Company observed that it’s comfortable to exploit and sensed practically powerful. Spectre x360’s hinge converts perfectly from laptop to tab because it didn’t lock up while converting thus it’s better than others.

Made of CNC aluminium and rest looks as solid as hinge. It has 15.9mm thick and 1.49kg weight. It’s suitable for travellers too.

It has 1.5mm travel keyboard and extra-wide remarkable touchpad. As usual it included every necessary port such as HDMI, display port 1.2 inputs and three USB 3.0 ports.


HP has introduced Quad HD display along with Panel Self Refresh tech. Screen is bonded optically with the Spectre x360. HP stated that the bond will enhance display quality and boost brightness levels of every pixel of the display. On the other side, PSR built to extend battery rather than display performance.

Operating System

Demo tested along with inbuilt Windows 8.1 while the enterprise Pro version done with Windows 7 and 8.1. Except from Windows 8.1 for business and upcoming Windows 10 upgrade, it’s nice to see less bloatware. Another thing is a non-Microsoft app which is McAfee antivirus tool that comes with one year free subscription and it’s easy to remove too.


HP Spectre x360 has Intel Core i5 andi7 processor along with 8GB RAM. It enables vPro support for enterprise customers. Inserted an additional security layer which has standard and pro Spectre x360 models with secured Module chips. Well it hasn’t passed benchmarks but it has performed well during basic tasks like writing & browsing.

Battery and storage

Spectre x360 comprised a 56-watt-hour battery that stands at least 12.5 hours (said by HP). It’s battery non-removable. It includes a 512GB SSD which is the highest space declared by company during demo test.

Expected Price and Release Date

HP Spectre x360 may arrive in the UK in Mid-March with an early cost of 849 Euro. Though an HP spokesperson denied our request to provide rest information about price and release date. It may not super awesome but it’s quite better convertible from other released on the market till now. Let us know your suggestion and opinion on it.What’s your viewpoint on HP Spectre x360 full review?

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