{How To} Get Mi Band For Rs. 1/- Only

So welcome everyone as you all know that xiaomi organised a event in New Delhi for their two big launchs, Xiaomi Mi4i and Mi Band. Actually their main concept was to make people aware of their health using Mi Band and thats the reasom why they wanted to sell first 1000 Mi Bands for Re. 1.

Mi Band

During the event everyone was focused on Mi4i but still the attraction of the Mi Band was also good. In the event the people from Xiaomi made everyone know the concept of Mi Band and Mi4i and how they works and are better than other device at that range. 🙂

What Is Mi Band And What Is The Concept Behind It, How It Actually Works And Is Useful.

In simple words Mi Band is a health band not like any smart watch on which you can attend call or share file or listen to music but its a band which works according to your body language and collect the data of your daily exercises like running, walking, sleeping and much more. Mi Band is very helpful for those who are much concerntrated towards their health rather than enjoyment. This Mi Band is very silky and smooth but the main thing which i think is bad is its size, actually this Mi Band is very small and not much thick which makes it a bad in look but still this band has a plus point which makes us to buy it,i.e., the Mi Band is waterproof and our team member have tested it in the meet in New Delhi and it went successful.

Now, How To Get Xiaomi Mi Band At Just Re. 1

Now i guess that you all are due to this question and thinking of why i wasted your time, actually i was not wasting or taking time but it is neccessary to tell everyone about any device before purchasing it because if you don’t require the device it will be a waste for you and those who wants this device will survive :-).

Process For Buying Xiaomi Mi Band For Re. 1

This process is much. All you need to do is simply open the website of Mi or click here. And then click on the tab named “Mi Band” and it will now ask you for the registration of Mi Band, Simply fill the form and wait untill the sales get live.

Note : You should register yourself before 5 may, registration starts on 28 April at 8 am.


Hope you all succeed in buying the Mi Band and enjoyed our post on {How To} Get Mi Band For Re. 1. Do comment below if you have any queries regarding the Mi Band. We would be happy to help you ASAP.

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