Top 5 Best Programs To Remote Control Your PC

Before I unveil with you top 5 best programs to remote control your PC, You should obtain a basic idea about it. You may skip it if you know about it. Currently, Remote desktop access software does a great job in many factors. It permits users to admittance any remote desktop locally from your computer.

The remote desktop is connected to your local desktop via internet or any other network. These types of software helps a lot in business related cases, technical trouble shooting or if you want to work from home and your machine is in the office.

remort control your pc

With the help of this software’s you can simply access your office machine and get your desired data. But For some security conditions you need have a login ID and password. On the other hand this remote desktop access software also known as screen sharing software’s.

Because remote desktop computer presents a set of functions on its screen at the end from your local compute. As I mentioned above these software’s can be screen sharing software as they allow you to share your home screen at other location or someone’s computer.

As the demand of remote desktop software increasing day after day so today I have decided to give you the top 5 hand-picked screen sharing software. But this software also used for hacking someone else’s computer so uses these carefully. Below I have listed the top 5 list to help you choose your favourite one.

Top 5 Best Programs To Remote Control Your PC

#1 TeamViewer

For couple of months I have been using TeamViewer. It’s top class software and works fine and always reliable without any negative feedbacks. First of all you need to download the software from their official website and install it on your and your client’s computer that you want to connect. You can also set TeamViewer for unattended control.

With the help of TeamViewer you will be able play with any computer in the world and you will feel like you are just sitting front of that computer. This software comes up with spectacular features like- you can do meetings using TeamViewer and you are able to add 25 recipients, training sessions and presentations can be done easily, cut and paste between computers via the clipboard, also you can drag and drop your files to the remote desktop.

#2 Windows Remote Desktop

Windows Remote Desktop is a screen sharing tool (secondary PC stays in black rather than live mode). It’s an inbuilt free tool for remote control PCs. With Microsoft Remote Desktop for Mac, you can connect with further Apple’s device.
It’s made to help users’ access office computers from home. Even though all versions can set up a connection but only Pro, business and ultimate is only controlled.

#3 VNC

VNC stands for Virtual Network Computing. It’s an open source remote control display technology from Tight, Ultra and Real VNC (free and pay). VNC is different slightly; I mean it’s not like or Teamviewer remote control software. Let’s seek out how much it’s different????

At first set up VNC on both computers and then select option – listening. For controlling other PC, click VNC viewer client and insert IP address for making connection. Otherwise, you’ll require unlocking port 5900 on your computer firewall to control other end PC. provides meeting and remote control connection as well(by LogMeIn). It’s quite simplistic because all you need to do is browsing online. The host (who hold the meeting) gives access to others by surfing through where others begin meeting and download files.

After checking spoken file, the host (speaker/controller) sends nine-digit codes to the other users which they enter to attend meeting from the homepage. Afterwards, speaker’s monitor will come in front and then remote control is going to be active. Now, chat or send files or else. But it’s not suitable in absent remote connection  or outsiders.

WebEx Free

WebEx is little bit different tool than or above other remote controls services. Many believes that it’s perfect for large meetings but it’s an appropriate tool for small, live (absent) remote control connection too.

After entering into meeting, you’ll notice only host’s (controller/leader) monitor, meanwhile host can change presenter from one to another person, transfer files, chat and speak face-to-face in webcam and pass  mouse &keyboard control as well. If you can learn it somehow then it’s quite simple to manage.


I’ve share with you top 5 best programs to remote control your PC. What is your favourite out of the five? Are you using anything else for remote PC connection then kindly tell us via comment below. From now, you can use these apps to access for meeting, personal, trouble-shooting or any sort of help from others.

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  1. Pallab Chakraborty

    R-HUB web conferencing and remote support servers is another best alternative for remotely controlling your PC. You may try the same.


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