Top 5 Safety Apps For iPhone In 2017 (For Women’s)

Welcome folks, today we are here with all new post on Top 5 Safety Apps For iPhone In 2015, which you all will love to read as this post would be totally new in the market plus from last several weeks i have seen that their are many rape cases and other bad cases happening with girls these days. 🙁 to keep them safe and secure whether she is your wife, girlfriend, sister or mother then you are at right place as today we will discuss about some of the apps which will help you to alert your parents, brother or any other person about your location to trace you. To be safe and keep your family secure you must read the whole article and all apps once and give them a try, don’t forget these Safety apps for iphone.

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Safety apps for iphone

Best Safety Apps for iPhone


bSafe is a very good and well rated app, and is the best among my use as the app gives you and easy and understandable GUI plus this app has many features like phone location tracing, video recording, text message sending service and automatic calling to responsible person. This app is a very nice app and i will to give it 4.5 stars as GPS system doesn’t works when we are not connected to internet connection, Bsafe is one of the best safety apps for iphone.


Kitesting is a totally different app with different type of security and safety tips, this app lets you send messages to pre selected contacts while setting up the app, this app lets your select the required time to send sms to selected contacts or you can also send messages manually to your pre selected contact but better is to always be in touch by enabling the send messages option for every 2 or 6 hours.


Bugle is a great safety app for iPhone, if you are a sportsman or love to keep your phone in your home oftenly while going out. Basically in this app you need to setup the location and going / returning time in the app and click on done. If you don’t come back in the mentioned time the app will send a message to your all safety contact regarding that you have gone out and haven’t come back in the mean time.

Safe Trek

Safe Treak is also a good app for those who love to travel and get lost their :p (just kidding). This is a very basic and good app in which you will need to open the app, click and hold your finger on the finger print button and then release it and it will ask for a pin if you enter pin and unlock the app its all fine but if you are unable to do so it will send a message to your nearest police station with your location, name, and mobile number registered on the app.


Bluelight is a great app as it keeps your friends and family members always updated about your location and place where you are travelling or visiting bu the only problem is that this app is paid but features are really good which are not even expected much.

IOTransfer helps you transfer iPhone data to PC for iPhone data safety


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