Top 5 Maps Apps For iPhone

Welcome folks, today we are here with awesome iphone maps apps for you all which you can use to locate your location or any area or place, you can get the detailed information about the place plus the direction towards its and maps even provide satellite view which makes these apps more awesome and gives it a motivation to download and use ’em on our iPhone’s.

Iphone map apps

As you all know that these days there are lots of ways and roadways built over the world and its becoming hard to find the place where you have to visit and meet someone what if you are lost in a market and have meeting in another market and got to know that the market was the next market attached to it but it was already late and the meeting was over. To get out all these kind of situations you might love to read our today’s article on Top 5 Maps Apps For iPhone which can help you in situations like these.

Top 5 iPhone Apps for Map

Magellan RoadMate : Magellan Road Mate is very good iphone map app for those who love to travel in world or their local area or city as this app provides you with text to speech, buildings view / satellite view, road assistance, and in app audio / voice control. This app also tells the exact time of meeting an red light and gives indication on every turn, it also gives multiple voice option for accessing maps more interestingly and deeply.

Tom Tom For iPhone : Tom Tom For iPhone is also a great app for those who love travelling especially for people like me, who loves to travel around world for work and fun purposes. This iphone map app is moreover same like Magellan Road Mate but it also has some unique features and bad things which makes it to come in second position in our list. This app offers you to access maps offline which i thinks needs an update because some of the time it shows and error, so better opt for online version rather than offline maps.

Garmin USA : Garmin USA is a great app used at my location as it gives and helps to find out each and every store whether they are unrecognized but yeah they should be registered. This map application provides you with the direction and voice location to the place where want to visit, this app also l=tells you that where you need to stop and where to take turns, etc.

Waze : Waze is a quite good app for searching for iphone maps and location on it as it gives you 3D view, satellite view and a lot more. With this app you can select good or bad road or a small or big route to your destination, you can also change the destination in between without harming any configurations of the app. The app is best at its place and you must use it once. 😀

Google Maps :  I guess you have heard the name before and experienced it with your PC or any other mobile for sure. This app is the mixture of all app mentioned above this app can perform all the function mentioned above, google maps is a must download app for iPhone users to fin the right route to their visit destination. 🙂


We hope that you loved to check out our new post on Top 5 Maps Apps For iPhone, please do share more apps if you know it and do share the post as you know that sharing is caring and sexy too. :-

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