Wondershare MobileGo : Detailed Review

There are various kinds of applications that are available for various purposes and make the things easy for us which look complicated in real. There is one such application that I’m going to review in this article at the moment. it’s Wondershare’s MobileGo.

You can connect Apple iTunes for to your device and get the data delivered into your device. But this is not possible for all the devices. For an instance, let us consider, Windows PC. It usually won’t let connect the Android smartphone to transfer data like music, movies, pictures and much more. But this is possible with the application Wondershare MobileGo. This allows your PC to any of your supported smartphone to transfer the data.

Image Source: http://mobilego.wondershare.com/
Image Source: http://mobilego.wondershare.com/

Once the application is installed, you can connect the Android phone to the PC using an USB and wait for the software to recognize the device. I personally tried this with one of my mobile phones. thankfully it supported there, but if it doesn’t support, you can send a request to Wondershare with the help of the phone application. The requests will be filled within a day.

My experience in transferring the data improved a lot while transferring using MobileGo connecting my phone and computer. The application is bright and clean and is very nicely laid out. Even the space occupied by the app is not much compared to the other data that usually takes more space. MobileGo allows you to transfer more details like contacts from Outlook or Symbian phone to any of your Android device. This will be a easy one for the users to handle and if you’re already relied on Google’s cloud based contact manager, then it will be even more easy for you to use.

This will be helpful and lets you to use the composed messages, and manage certain things like music, movies, or photos. You can export the contents of your phone to your Personal Computer. Also you can transfer to the phone content using the app. I personally used the app along with my family. If you like to transfer the file that is not supported, MobileGo does the work for you. you will be notified the incompatibility and handle the conversion for you.

So you can cheer up here!

Image Solurce: http://mobilego.wondershare.com/
Image Solurce: http://mobilego.wondershare.com/

The demo version doesn’t allow you to use or transfer the contacts and convert the music or video to the Android supported formats. But it does the ability of backing up and restore. And also transfer the files to and from the phone.

Final verdict:

Like I said above, I have used this app personally and I hardly found any corrections. Even if you find anything hard that you can’t mangae, the app has got an excellent consumer support team that responds to your requests within no time. Hence, I will conclude saying that this is the best choice if you would like to transfer the content to and from your android device.

You can leave you opinions in the comments section below and the concerned people will respond you. Thank you!

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