How to disable or remove WhatsApp blue ticks AKA read receipt

In this era of internet and technology, everybody is always connected with their families, friends and loved ones through this technology. Gone are the days when we had to write letters or go to an STD booth to call someone. Today, with a smart phone in our hands, we are all constantly in touch with others through Facebook, WhatsApp or Instagram etc. WhatAapp has become a very popular social messaging application for the youngsters of today and they cannot imagine even a day without it.

Recently WhatsApp launched a feature called “Read Receipts” which allows users to see whether the message they sent has been read by the receiver or not. When a WhatsApp message is sent there is one grey tick at the bottom and two grey ticks when it is delivered. After the feature “Read Receipts” started the two grey ticks turned to blue ticks when the receiver read the message. This is a great feature for some but a double-edged sword for the others. It is useful because you can know the moment the ticks turn blue that your contact has read your message. On the other hand, after reading the message you can’t really pretend you haven’t read the message when in fact you did, putting the other person in an awkward place. For some people, it could be a privacy thing.

Disable Whatsapp Blue Ticj

Fortunately, you can easily enable or Remove Blue tick from Whatsappdisable Read Receipts on WhatsApp at your choice. But, keep this in mind that if you disable “Read Receipts” on WhatsApp, you won’t be able to see whether your contacts receive your message either.

Steps to disable “Read Receipts” on Whatsapp are: (How to disable or remove WhatsApp blue ticks AKA read receipt)

1) Open WhatsApp from your Phone.

2) Tap Settings located at the top-right corner of the screen.

3) Tap Account.

How to disable or remove WhatsApp blue ticks AKA read receipt4) Then click on Privacy.

How to disable or remove WhatsApp blue ticks AKA read receipt

5) You should see Read Receipts as the last option, toggle the switch to OFF to disable this feature.

How to disable or remove WhatsApp blue ticks AKA read receipt

Once this feature is turned off on your phone you can check your messages in privacy and the others won’t be able to see whether you are getting their messages or not. Meaning that the sender of the message will not see blue ticks even if you have read his or her message and neither will you receive any read receipts from your contacts. People using iOS 9, you can install a tweak called “WhatsApp Read Receipt Disabler” which disables Read Receipts on their but you can see when they receive your message.

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Switching to the “Airplane Mode” before opening the message can also disable the read receipts feature and lets you read messages without the blue ticks appearing. This lets you check whatsapp messages without the ticks turning blue. The app on the other phone will continue to show two grey ticks, implying that the message is still not read by the receiver.  Remember to close WhatsApp before switching off Airplane Mode. So, these are a few ways to disable your read receipts in WhatsApp and keep your privacy while checking your messages. Now you can keep your privacy while reading messages.

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