How to Join Audio Tracks with Movavi Video Editor

Movavi Video Editor is suitable for audio mixing as it has a timeline storyboard editor where you can merge together various recorded audio tracks. If you not yet install Movavi Video Editor, you should go to the Movavi site to download the software and run the setup. There is only a single download file on the Movavi site and it is compatible with all versions of Windows up to Windows 10.

You can easily load the recorded tracks by dragging them onto the audio row in the timeline. It also work when you press Ctrl + C to copy the audio track first on the desktop and press Ctrl + V in the timeline to paste the audio tracks there. The advantage of adding tracks through the drag and drop interface is that you can load multiple audio tracks at the same time.

The audio track will be arranged in the sequence you load them into the timeline. Alternatively, you can click Add Media Files button to select the first audio tracks to load into the timeline. You must repeat this step until you have added all the audio tracks into the timeline,

In the audio merger for Windows, you can apply fade in/fade out effects in between each audio tracks. To add fade in/fade out effects, you must first select the audio track and then click on the audio properties button. Under the Audio tab, you can drag the fade in or fade out slider to add the fade in or fade out effects onto the audio tracks. As you drag the slider, you will notice that the wave of the music is changing. You can also adjust the duration of the fade in or fade out effect on the selected track.

If there are lots of noises in the background, you can remove them by clicking on the noise removal tab in Tools. It offers two methods for removing the background noises in the recorded track including frequency filter and noise gate. The frequency filter feature allows you to remove hiss and hum sound. The noise gate feature allows you to drag the noise level slider to remove the background noises.

The audio effects tab in Tools allows you to add a variety of audio effects to the song track such as  robot, muffled, telephone and etc. You can also refine music track by making adjustment to the equalizer sliders under the Equalizer tab. If the sound track is too sort, you can boost the volume level by dragging the volume slider on the audio. You can also make the audio track play faster by increasing the speed slider.

After you have finished making adjustment on the audio track, you can click on the play button to preview it. If you are satisfied, you can click the export button to save the combined song tracks into the format you wish to save. The time it takes for Movavi Video Editor to export it will depend on how many song tracks you are combining. Usually, the software will finish exporting the merged song tracks in just a few minutes.

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