How to run a successful Instagram contest

Instagram contests are very fun, and most importantly they are very helpful in engaging more audience. You must have seen many brands and businesses are running interesting contests on Instagram, allowing their followers to participate in a fun activity to get an exciting prize.

Some people does not like the idea of giving away things but trust me Instagram contests are worth it as it will increase your reach very significantly, to run the content you will also need the good number of followers, if you don’t have good followers and likes on your account then you can get monthly Instagram likes from various online sites/tools.

Here are a few steps that will help you run a successful Instagram contest.

How to run a successful Instagram contest

  • Plan the contest (Objectives and Goals)It is important that you put some time in planning the contest and designing it correctly. You must have clear objectives and goals, so you will be acutely aware of what you are doing and what your next step is. It is necessary for a social media campaign that it must have clear objectives and goals. Also, you need to define your target audience, you need to decide the type of contest i.e. ‘like to win or comment to win and you also need to create a specific theme as well, especially if you are trying to promote photos and videos. Also, pick up a specific hashtag as well.
  • Create an entry methodIt is necessary that you pay attention to what it takes for your audience to enter the competition. There are different ways in which your audience can enter the contest, and the most popular and efficient are the ones where you ask your audience to post their photos with a specific hashtag. Other ways include asking your audience to tag your brand in their posts and requesting them to like or comment on your post to enter the contest. It is crucial that you make the guidelines for entering the contest very clear and promote according to it.
  • Decide how you will choose the winnerA good Instagram contest lets its followers know about how the winner will be chosen. There are two options through which most of the Instagram contest decides their winners. The first one is voting; where the post that gets the most likes wins the contest fair and square. The other one is the jury; in which the brand or business ask their own experts to pick the winner up.

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These are the most appropriate ways you can utilize to pick a winner for the Instagram contest.

  • Choose the best prizeRemember when you are asking your followers to engage in the contest and to promote your brand, you promise them something good in return. This is crucial that you select an appropriate prize for the competition because if the prize is not good enough or worthy, your contest is not going to be successful. So pick best prize for the winner and let the audience know.
  • Promote as much as you canNow when you have a planned contest, and you are ready to make it happen, you need to promote it like crazy. You can promote it through your websites or your blog, you can use social media and gain followers from other social media sites, and you can also promote through emails as well.
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