Pros and Cons of Using VPN: Why Do You Really Need to Use It?

When googling VPN, you can face a situation where all the reviews and articles say that this technology is something that you can’t live without. If you don’t use it, you will lose all your private data and all the money from your bank account. Is it all true? Let’s take a closer look at virtual private networks.

However, you can try this out yourself or read our list of pros and cons that really matter.

What are the pros of using VPN?

Some time ago, companies used to connect their offices with a line. It means that the data is transferred only between these nodes and noon can ever intrude into this transferring process. It was quite expensive, especially if the offices were located on different continents. If you want to save the corporate data without spending all the money in the world on it, using a VPN is a great solution.

If your work is connected with business trips and you cannot stay in the office all the time, you can use virtual private networks for work when you’re outside the office. Don’t use any services or clients besides those that you use at work. If you really care about the secret data, it’s better to use something that you can trust for 100%.

What are the cons of using VPN?

Why do you want to hide your identity from the world? If you just live not in the US and want to use Netflix, then it’s ok to use VPN. What if you want to steal a million? You can hide your personal data from the site you visit, but you cannot hide your information from the VPN provider if you use it on your computer. If this provider is forced to provide all the details about you, what do you think the end result will be?

If you want to protect your corporate data, once again, do not any services or clients that you don’t use at work. And we don’t advise to use free VPN services as no one will give their own money for server maintenance so you could you to use it for free. They will take something from you but not the money. Are you ready to share your personal or corporate data with them?

The bottom line

If you don’t want anyone to see your messages, emails, calls and so on, it’s good to use virtual private networks. We advise you to pay attention to the types of protocols the provider is using, to the number of servers you can connect to. And it will be great to test how the customer support service works before you pay money. You will see how fast your problem may be solved and if your request will be answered at all.

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