How to use WhatsApp without mobile number

The instant messaging system WhatsApp has become an important part of our life today and we cannot imagine a moment without it. A day without WhatsApp seems like an eternity. Youngsters today love to share all sorts of media files on this social platform and it has gained a huge popularity all through the world. Now imagine having or using WhatsApp on your phone without a mobile number! Many of us did not know that this was possible but actually it is! You can use WhatsApp on your mobile set without having a number or SIM card. Well it is true and you can try these simple steps and see how easy it is.

How to use WhatsApp without mobile number – Method one:

  1. Firstly if you are already a user of this popular app, just delete the existing WhatsApp account. But remember before deleting your WhatsApp account, you must save your WhatsApp files or photos on to your phone.
  2. Now, download and install WhatsApp on your device once again.
  3. Then, quickly put your phone on the “flight” mode so that all the messaging services are blocked or stopped on it.
  4. Now you can put any number on the reinstalled WhatsApp. This helps WhatsApp to accept your number but it is unable to send any verification message to the server and the number will not be verified.
  5. But, without verification, the user will not be allowed to use WhatsApp. So WhatsApp will ask for an alternate way to confirm. Now you will get another option where you will have to opt for verify through SMS option. You can give your email id here.
  6. Now press the submit button and immediately click on the cancel button. This will put an end to the authorization process.
  7. Now, it’s time to install spoof or fake message apps for the different handsets to use Whatsapp app without a mobile number. Download and install Fake message app for iPhone device or if you are an android user, then you need a Spoof message app. Download and install Spoof message on to your android device.
  8. Next, Return to Outbox and copy the details and proceed to false verification process in above spoof or fake message apps.
  9. Now, fill in the details when you have completed the above process

TO: +447900347295

From: add the country code and the mobile number

message: Your email id

  1. Now your details will be sent to this number and you can use WhatsApp without a phone number.

How to use WhatsApp without mobile number – Method 2

Use TextNow App – Install TextNow App into your Android, iOS phone, PC/Laptop or Tablet and enter your textnow app number into your WhatsApp. Once you start installing whatsapp accept terms and conditions and enter country, TextNow number. And after that wait for SMS Verification failed. Start call verification through TextNow number and verify it through code.

Use landline number – While Installing WhatsApp give your land line number and wait for verification by SMS fail. And get call to your landline number through Call Me option. Enter the verification number which you have received through your land line number and complete the installation setup.

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