What Is The Best Method To Create Blog Content?

Having a ton of posts on your blog is not enough in the digital world. When the post gets older, the information gets outdated; this decreases the ranks as well as the traffic on your website.

The issue of older posts can be resolved by updating the blog content. But when you have a huge list of blogs, updating seems pretty intimidating. However, with the right approach, you can effectively achieve updated posts on your blog and increase the rankings and traffic at the same time.

So, let’s start with the first step:

  1. Prepare a list of outdated posts

First of all, you need to find out all the blog posts that have gone outdated.

To find the posts, you can look at the traffic signs. You need to find the posts that were high traffic drivers earlier, but now not working at all. The traffic graph will tell you about the traffic. Collect the links of all these posts in one list.

  1. Analyze the posts

After creating a list of posts, you need to analyze the posts one by one. With the analysis, you should be able to find out the major as well as minor issues with the content.

Sometimes the post’s information gets outdated, or the keywords go out of trend. Also, sometimes the links attached to the post stop working or get lost. You need to focus on each and every issue one by one.

  1. Find new keywords

After finding the problems, you can start looking for the relevant keywords that are in trend now. You can leverage various keyword tools in order to get the list of new keywords for the post.

When you have the trending keywords, it is important to conduct a fresh information research for those phrases as well. You need to find the latest information to add to the old post.

  1. Add the latest information or rewrite the post

If possible, you can add more information to the old post. This will increase the word count and allow you to get more SEO rewards. However, you can also consider rewriting the whole content in order to justify the researched keywords.

The rewriting process can become easier if you leverage the professional writers. There are professional writers available online on the websites such as Contentmart. The licensed writers with quality content assurance help you achieve high-quality content updates on your blog.

  1. Work on titles and images

The updated content should get a new title with keywords attached to it. This will ensure that content’s performance in the search engines. Also, the image updates make it easier for you to gain the attention of the audiences from the social media platforms.

  1. Resolve the link issues

Finally, you can remove the links that are not working and contact the industry members to attract more links to your posts.

The updated content becomes really helpful and getting new and valuable links. So, update your blog content and leverage your old work to achieve new traffic.

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Harshit Jain is a tech-savvy blogger. He is currently pursuing post graduation from Mumbai University. He likes to share his knowledge through his own blog at TripoSoft & TechHug as well as by writing guest articles on other blogging sites. Follow him on Facebook, Google+, Twitter.

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