Best SMS Tracking Website – 2017 List!

Text messaging is a comparatively less used communication service in this era of instant messaging services. In spite of that we might find ourselves in need of keeping track of SMS on a different device. It is possible and the setup process might be a lot easier than you were expecting.

There are actually two approaches to this, either it can be a service that lets you read and to reply to the text messages on your phone or it can just keep track of everything, check out the below SMS tracker tools/website.

Best SMS Tracking Website – 2017 List!


AirDroid is a free (with some slight limitations) client that lets you access the contents on your phone from anywhere, given that your phone has an active data connection and the companion app installed on it. The capabilities of this service are not limited to reading and replying to SMS, it can access all the files and even use the camera of your phone remotely. And this does provoke a security concern. AirDroid had some privacy flaws which the company has already fixed. The verified apps are available for both Android and iOS. AirDroid is by far the easiest and most recommended one in this list


This one is made to keep track of a phone while being completely anonymous. You can use it to monitor your kids’ phone, it has a variety of tools for that. Main feature being the monitoring of SMS traffic. It offers the services with a monthly subscription which is justified considering the purpose of this service.

Phone Tracker

Phone Tracker is a simple website offering features that you would have to pay for with other service providers. The setup process is the same as for the others, installing the companion app on the phone gives you access to all your SMSs on your phone through any other device of your choice.Phone Tracker does not have any notable reputation and the site appears dubious. It is not the first recommended option but it exists. Also this service is exclusive for Android users.

DDI Utilities

This is a paid software which is aimed at data recovery. It is overkill for just reading text messages but it is capable of doing that. Different from the other three softwares in this list, DDI Utilities can extract all messages into an importable file even from a locked phone. It can’t give you real time updates but works if that’s not a priority for you.

These four softwares can basically do the same thing along with some other features. It is suggested that you go through each one while taking into consideration what exactly your needs are. You can install them on your phone so that you can access all your SMS on a PC, or you can use it on someone else’s phone to monitor the messages. This is a sensitive matter as these softwares are not designed to illegally spy on someone. You can keep your kids safe and make sure they’re not getting into any trouble, that is an ethical use for such softwares. Always be aware that such technology should not be used against anyone’s will and privacy.

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