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Blizz is a tool developed by the renowned makers of TeamViewer. To get a better understanding of Blizz, we will start with TeamViewer. TeamViewer lets you remotely control a PC from another PC therefore, it is basically a remote PC control program. TeamViewer was launched back in 2005 and it focuses on cloud-based technologies to enable online support and collaborate across the globe in real time. Users across the world have collectively used TeamViewer to accomplish their goals which would have been impossible with respect to time and distance constraints. TeamViewer data dictates that every day, 750,000 new ID’s are created. More than 30 languages are supported by TeamViewer.

Blizz Review

Now, let us shift our focus to Blizz. TeamViewer is trying to integrate the online medium in its portfolio under the brand name of Blizz. The theme and framework of both Blizz and Teamviewer are almost similar but there are some differences in terms of functional ability.

Users will be able to initiate and join online meetings more easily with the help of Blizz. Initially, the users have to sign up in the official website of Blizz in order to enjoy the handful of services offered by Blizz. Users who are not familiar with TeamViewer or are not that much tech savvy will find this sign up process heavenly. In short, Blizz lets you gather people together in a powerful and collaborative online space. It comes with crystal clear high-quality audio and video support. The easy to use user interface also includes instant messaging along with other features. There are 4 Price Plans including that of a free service. The highest plan lets you connect up to 300 peoples at once in an online meeting, which is indeed cool for a small or medium enterprise. Next, we will discuss the advantages of using Blizz.

Why Blizz?

As we have mentioned before, Blizz is a collaboration tool developed to meet the demand of today’s distributed workforce. Being powered by category defining features and backed up by TeamViewer’s strong backbone, Blizz is the easiest, best and most effective choice in hand than any of its competitors.

  • Blizz lets you initiate or join in a virtual meeting. You can cope up with the time and distance constraints easily with this wonderful tool. Moreover, the audio and video support systems are so high end that you will feel as comfortable as a face to face conversation in the same room.
  • It is compatible with almost all major operating systems such as current versions of Windows, MAC, iOS and Android OS.
  • You will be able to join from any device, i.e. PC, or mobile.
  • Supports up to 300 people maximum for an online meeting.
  • You will be able to share your screen with manually selected groups in order to collaborate with them.
  • High quality HD video conference.
  • Crystal Clear audio.
  • You will be able to send files to groups as well as specific peoples with one click.
  • To enjoy complete flexibility, mix VoIP with call-in voice.
  • Price Plans start with free service and ends at $19 per month.

Features of Blizz:

Fetures of blizz

Simplicity –

The best part of Blizz is that it makes online meetings super simple. You will be able to join in an online meeting initiated by others with just a single click. Similarly, you will be able to initiate online meetings in less than a minute. Blizz lets users effortlessly join in a conference through your contacts list or with a single click from a chat.

Unique ID –

There is a unique ID for each device which will be required to join in or initiate virtual meetings. This unique identifier determines meetings. When you sign up in the official portal of Blizz, you will receive a personal meeting ID. This personal meeting ID is not dynamic, but static in nature which means it won’t change and there will be only one unique ID for each device. When you initiate a meeting, your personal meeting ID will be automatically used and others will be able to join the meeting initiated by you using this ID. You can simply join an ongoing virtual meeting with the help of this ID when the meeting is initiated by someone else and you are invited to it. On the other hand, if you schedule a meeting, an altogether unique meeting ID will be generated which can be used to join in it. An altogether different ID will be used if you are not logged into your Blizz account but start a spontaneous meeting.

Compatibility –

Earlier, we have mentioned that Blizz is compatible with almost all Operating Systems. Blizz requires Windows 7 and higher for Windows, Mac OS X 10.10 and higher for Mac, iOS 8 and higher for iOS, and Android 4 and higher for Android.

Security –

Blizz uses high-end encrypted connections which are used in government and financial institutes. These are of the same standard as https/SSL. The encryption is based on 256-bit AES session encoding and 2048-bit RSA private / public key exchange end-to-end session encryption.

Price Pans –

Free dial up is available in more than 10 countries which includes Belgium, Australia, Finland, Ireland, Hungary, Lithuania, New Zealand, Netherlands, Poland, Switzerland, South Africa, Ukraine, and United States. There are 4 Price Plans inclosing that of a ‘free package’. Blizz Free Package is the free service package which lets you connect 5 participants maximum. To enjoy high-quality audio, you can use VoIP. As far as paid services are concerned, there are 3 choices: Core, Crew and Company. The Core Connection comes at the cost of $6 per month. Under Core Connection, 1 organizer can connect up to 10 participants maximum and it is free in more than 10 countries across the world. The Crew connection comes at the cost of $14 per month. Under Crew Connection, 1 organizer can connect up to 25 participants and it is free in more than 10 countries across the world. The Crew Connection comes with an added advantage, which is that meetings can be recorded and reports can be created on the basis of it. The Company connection comes at the cost of $19 per month. Under Company Connection, 1 organizer can connect up to 300 participants maximum and it is free in more than 30 countries across the world. Just like the Crew Connection, the Company Connection also lets you record meetings and create a report on the basis of it. Here, you will get a User Profile in addition.

Blizz Pricing


The user interface is so easy that even new and not so tech-savvy users will be able to join online meetings spontaneously within a few seconds. With Blizz, the online meetings will not only be super technical but also secure and reliable. You will be able to get an office environment due to the crystal clear audio and HD video support. Further, the Price Plans are pretty affordable ranging from free packages to $19 so it won’t make a hole in your pocket. We recommend you to try out Blizz at least once for the sake of your company, even if that’s the free package!

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