Ringba Review – Enterprise Call Tracking Software!

Ringba can be used to manage applications, call streams and much more. In short, it is a versatile mobile platform. In this article, we will give a brief review on Ringba and mention its usability.

Uses of Ringba


  1. Call Attribution –

Ringba uses dynamic number pools, static numbers and number placement tags on sites and landing pages of publishers and thus track and attribute call records. By this, Ringba tries to gain a rich behavioral understanding of your traffic sources. The data collection procedure is fully customizable. You can manually configure it. Further, it’s easy to use interface adds to the simplicity of using Ringba. Moreover, with Ringba, you will be able to track services and pass back the data to clients or to the marketing department with just a few clicks. Ringba data attribution process is pretty strong so after getting the analysis report, you will be able to take actions directly. For example, you will be able to virtually eliminate non compliant traffic sources and partners. On the other hand, you will be one step closer to make a long term business relationship with your partners and clients by pro actively protecting their brand via verifiable compliance information.

  1. Real time analytics –

 Ringba aggregates as much information as possible about numbers that call you or numbers you call. It gives critical access data to you that you might not find anywhere else. The best thing is the call streaming analysis is done without any time lag, i.e. it is done in real time. You get the digital report as soon as the analysis is done. As soon as you opt for call stream analysis, numerous reporting interfaces of Ringba quickly checks the available database to gain actionable insights.

  1. Call Routing –

As we have mentioned earlier, the analytic process is fully customizable, so you can opt for the best analytic technique match for your business. When you configure the analytic program in Ringba, you get an option to add target groups, specific targets, target performance and much more. Here, a target is mentioned to the partner who purchases or receives calls. You will also get the option to configure cap volume with flexible time tables and restrictions, browser, ISP, landing page, location, referring website, Caller ID information, and prioritize routing. You can integrate the analytic reports captured by Ringba system (simple URL tags) along with the target configuration in order to generate successful routing plans. With this process, you will be able to generate the best routing plans that might put your callers to the most profitable place with respect to time.

  1. Database –

The Ringba database covers genuine local phone numbers as well as toll free numbers of 80+ countries. Thus it promises to give you flexible and optimized results to make your business more profitable, anywhere and anytime.

  1. Partnership and management –

Ringba believes in human development access so it not only makes your business better and more profitable but also does the same for your business partners. Ringba gives the same level of insights to you as well as to your partners. This also helps to maintain transparency, which is very important for a business and also helps to grow long term business relations. Ringba publishers offer the same granular access to data to your business partners as it offers you. This helps to optimize their departments and campaigns and as a whole, the business expands. Further, this level of access to information to the partners allows them to increase their ROI by streamlining their departments without your intervention.

You will be able to check your publisher’s activities through the reporting interface. The reporting interface also lets you track revenue, share payouts, calculate conversion rate. Overall, you will be able to manage your business more easily with Ringba.

This not only saves your time and effort but also adds a longer lifecycle to your personal campaigns. After all, you get a competitive edge over partners, who are also better off.

  1. Number Pool –

Ringba is capable of tracking specific detailed information about each and every user that visits your portal by using just a group of statistical numbers. Here, the numbers used for tracking website are known as Number Pools. You can activate this Number Pool by simply tagging it in your website.

  1. Target management –

Ringba has been specially designed to cope up with the call center management or target management problems with dynamic routing plans for your campaigns which are based on concurrency, schedule, volume caps, performance, and productivity. The best part is, Ringba automatically routes overflow to marketplaces to reclaim lost revenue and virtually eliminate abandons by checking agent details. Ringba is capable of monitoring different agents across different campaigns. Ringba offers you the flexibility to adjust concurrency without any time lags by making sure there is no overload in any department of your team. You will be able to stop wasting calls and arm up your team leaders and managers with the ability of revenue maximization.

How to use Ringba?

Earlier, we have mentioned that Ringba is a versatile mobile platform which has a range of usability that can maximize business profit. In short, it boosts different types of business and their call flows.

Ringba developers are constantly working on the development of the software and often come with new updates after a few days gap. Up next, we will tell you different ways on how to use Ringba. However, if you are still not sure on whether Ringba will be effective with your business or nor not, you can contact the Customer Service team.

Different ways of using Ringba:


  • Affiliate Program –

Ringba places tracking numbers over promotional partner sites and monitors quality and compliance along with tracking revenue and payouts. In this way Ringba allows Affiliate Programs to augment their current revenue.

  • Pay Per Call Network –

 Affiliate network requires best tracking system to boost business. Affiliate networks and Pay Per Call networks are provided by Ringba which are powered by fastest and robust tracking and reporting platform.

  • Call Centre –

By using your previous experience, you will be able to add additional revenue streams by generating your own calls.

  • Business –

With Ringba, you will be able to track your business performance which is totally based on customizable analytics.

  • Television Advertisement –

Advertisers can issue different geographically relevant phone numbers and integrate them to TV advertisements via Ringba.

  • e-Commerce –

You will be able to track and follow your customer via Ringba’s dynamic number pooling.




We recommend you to use Ringba irrespective of the fact you are a Small business owner or a large business owner. We believe, Ringba will definitely come to your use and help you to boost and maximize profit margins. If you face any problem while using Ringba, do not forget to mention it in the comments section below.

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    I think it is more profitable for large business than small business. Because they need more data about their call as you have explained.


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