What You Need to Know About SERP Rank Tracker

The importance of tracking your SEO keyword ranking across search engines can never be undermined. That is why every professional SEO provider and webmaster needs a powerful Serp rank tracker to remain at the top of their game. Consumer behaviour has changed over the years, hence the need for you to shift your business. Today no one goes to look for companies in a phone book, they meet them online. This is the core reason why you need to rank among the top five suggestions in popular search engines whenever customers search for your products. SEO has now gone a mile further focusing not only on quality and keyword rich content, but also keeping track of your position in the search result pages and constantly monitoring online marketing campaigns to take any available opportunities. This makes rank tracker solutions a must have tools for digital marketing consultants and SEO experts.

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What is Keyword Ranking?

I know most people have come across this term or hear about it from colleagues and SEO specialists. In simple terms, keyword rank tracking refers to the process of monitoring the position of your site or web pages based on specific keywords. It is a quick measure of where your website appears on the search pages for a particular keyword. Tracking your keywords ranking help you to fully understand the impact of SEO on search visibility, and to estimate the future performance of your digital marketing strategies. Search engines such as Google use complex algorithm to determine keyword rankings, but the logic behind it is simple to understand. The searcher types a search phrase on the engine, and then the engine generates possible suggestions ranking the results depending on the relevance of the typed phrase (keyword). The primary goal of keyword ranking is to identify opportunities to increase your search visibility.

Why Does Rank Tracking Matters to Your Business?

Crisis Management – Ongoing keyword tracking enables you to identify flaws with your organic traffic before the issue get more serious. If a certain keyword starts dropping in the SERP rankings, you can quickly fix the issue; optimize the affected content so as to maintain your web pages up there. In case of failure, the tracking tool helps you in inspecting the keyword targeting credibility on the affected pages or the entire site.

Competitor Evaluation – This involves the use of a rank tracker to view and analyze how competitors’ sites are ranking for a particular group of keywords. This is very critical, especially during the creation of long-tail keywords so as to optimize your web pages with ease. Tracking also compares your internal data and ranking results with your competitor strategies, and helps you identify the areas you need to improve on. Some keyword rank trackers can be customized to send automatic alert notifications in event the competitor ranking on the SERP drastically rises or falls.

Multi-Location Rank Recording – If you are interested in monitoring your SERP rankings for a specific location or region. A good rank tracker allows multiple locations monitoring irrespective of the geographical distance. You can monitor two or more regions with the same country or internationally. This will also help you to identify specific keywords for different regions. You can also update or adjust SERP ranking country-based settings.

Category Grouping – This is a very useful tool, especially for ecommerce websites where there is need to rank track different pages as per their unique product categories. This tool allows you to categorize products on bases of sub-groups, brands, or based on a group of keywords that applies to a given grouping.

There are many free and paid keyword tracking tools which offers a variety of features and capabilities depending on the user SEO rank tracking objectives. Other important keyword rank tracking features that you need to consider include:

  • Mobile Rank Tracking – Which ranks your keywords on mobile search result pages.
  • Graphing and Reporting – You should check whether a tracker can generate customized graphs and reports that show keyword ranking position with time. The feature should also allow tracking of a specific or targeted set of keywords. Reports can be generated in PDF, Excel, .txt and many other formats.
  • SERP Results Screenshots – This is a form of evidence showing the actual position of your domain.
  • Third Party Platforms Integrations – Allows connection to affiliate sites among other third party tools like Google Analytics.

Get a reliable rank tracker and make your SEO campaigns easy and manageable.

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