5 ways to get more out of your social media marketing plan

Social media has a huge role to play in digital marketing so much that it is considered the basis of all digital marketing efforts. Businesses are relying on social media more and more for a lot of business functions, including digital marketing. To find out more about how much impact social media has had in other areas of a business other than digital marketing, check here.

Still, there is a growing need to understand how social media marketing can be resourceful for your business, and for that and more, click here. Aside from all that, if you already have developed a functional social media marketing plan for your business, then you know there is a lot of work that follows the implementation. This article is meant to give you more insights on how to get the most out of your social media marketing plan:

social media marketing plan

Aim for communities over followers

While both are important, the fact is that followers can be random audience members that have no interest in your brand or products but follow you for a piece of content you posted that interested them or simply for the fact that many other people are following you.

On the contrary, communities comprise of people who have a genuine interest in your brand and are interested in the industry you are in. communities allow for relationship-building which is much more important for the sustainability of a business.

Generate timeless and memorable content

Technology is becoming very sophisticated and communal that anyone can retrieve your public information including your social media profiling as they would want to. Typically, the content you generate communicates a lot about you. Catchy phrases and hashtags are a nice touch to give your content, which makes it memorable over time.

People are likely to remember your brand in association to a post you shared that was intriguing. Be careful to stay true to your course and your rand essence, as well as share accurate and evergreen content that can withstand time.

Try out social media adverts

Social media platforms like Facebook provide an advertising feature that could benefit your business under the marketing wing. Capitalize on such features by filtering out the demographics of your audience so you can target just the right audience for your content.

Participate in social media activities

There are so many social media activities that can be profitable in terms of productivity and results for your business. An example is the Twitter chat which focuses the attention of an audience in one topic area. Participate in such activities to gather knowledge, study your audience and attract followers to your accounts.

In fact, you can host your own activities or generate broad interactive hashtags that can accommodate for all social media users.


Use social media influencers

As strong and solid as your marketing plan is, you cannot achieve optimal success on your own. Accept that social media influencers have a unique touch of the audience and can better achieve digital marketing results that you can on your own.

Make your loyal fan-base your brand advocates, and every once in a while hire an influencer to handle your digital marketing processes.


Have you heard the phrase, ‘the internet never forgets’? Well, this is a brutal truth that should inform all your activities on social media if at all your marketing efforts are to yield anticipated results.


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