Anstrex Review- Best Ad Spy Tool to Unlock Native Advertising Secrets

If you are an affiliate marketer or a native advertiser then you have to understand your core targeted audience first before starting any campaign. If you are using some good spy tools to spy over your rival advertisers, you will get to know about their campaign promotion techniques and secrets. You can have a better understanding of your campaign through those. All you have to do to get a better ROI from your ads is to modify the techniques a little bit and use them in your own campaign. Here, you get a quick insight of your hard core competitors without much effort. Anstrex is such a spy tool. It helps you to spy over your competitor’s native advertisements. In this article, we will give you are detailed review of Anstrex.

anstrex review

Anstrex has the potential to make you one of the best native advertisers or affiliate marketers online. No doubt, the spy tool won’t do each and everything to boost your ROI but it will surely make things easier, less costly and more efficient for you. Now, whether you will be one of the key advertisers depends upon your dedication and technical tactics.

Anstrex provides you with all the aggressive intelligence data about an ad. In simple words, you can get a detailed report of any merchandise on the market.

You will get to know the deepest technical secrets of your competitors with which they have run a successful ad. There is an ad alert option which keeps you updated with ads that have been launched recently. Now, exploring what works on your competitors, you will be able to implement them, in your own ad campaigns which increase your chance of getting a higher ROI. All you have to do yourself is analyze similar ads and make a strategy for your ad and execute it.

What are the benefits of using Anstrex?

The foremost reason for which you should be using Anstrex is, you will save a lot of time. You will no longer have to invest hours and hours in your analysis. The spy toll not only alerts and updates you about the ad details of your competitors but it also computes a monthly analytic report of each ad. Secondly, you will be able to launch your ad without spending much on marketing. The spy tool will increase the chance of bringing more traffic.

Thus, you also will enjoy a higher chance of a higher ROI. Last but not the least reason is, the cost of the product is reasonable and it’s still a cheaper option than most other spy tools and that also with added features and no compromise in efficiency.

Anstrex has a database of over ten million native ads from 27 ad networks of that also in 15 countries. With this spy tool, you will be able to spy over ads from countries such as US, UK, South Africa, Canada, Japan, India, Italy, Mexico, Germany, France, Spain, Turkey and others.

Up next, we will discuss some core features of Anstrex.

Features of Anstrex:

  1. You will be open to your competitor’s techniques and secrets –

As we have mentioned earlier, Anstrex allows you to see how your competitors are running ads and where are they operating. You will be able to not only know the techniques of your competitors but also the place of operations of them so with the knowledge of such insights of your competitors you will be able to easily set up core geo locations for your ad campaigns. You will know which location to focus and which to ignore or which location might bring you a moderate traffic.

  1. Reduce Advertising and marketing cost –

You don’t have to rely on the benefits of trial and error process anymore. There is no chance of error from now on. You will get a monthly analytical report of each ad so you will be able to learn from the errors of your competitors. The added advantage is, you get to know not only the failure stories but also that of highly successful ones. It will save a lot of your advertising and marketing cost because you will no longer invest in areas which can only bring you a poor traffic.

  1. Increase the number of visitors –

Simply enough, as you are taking steps after analysis ads by your competitors, you have less chance of low traffic or failure. So using this tool will indeed lead to an increase in the number of visitors.

  1. Enjoy higher ROI –

As the number of visitors will increase, the traffics will also proportionately increase which will lead to a higher ROI.

  1. Ad Alerts –

There is an ad alert option which gives you ad alerts as soon as an ad is launched in the market.

  1. Full text image search –

The search option in Anstrex is pretty advanced. It lets you search full text image search.

  1. Price policy –

As far as the price policies are concerned, Anstrex comes with 3 schemes.

anstrex review

  1. Standard Plan –

It costs $39.99 per month ad it comes with these benefits:

  • 2 Ad Networks
  • Private Forum Access
  • 1 Nation help
  • Online Support
  • 2 day no obligation trial period
  1. Custom Plan –

It costs $49.99 per month ad it comes with these benefits:

  • 2 Ad Networks
  • Private Forum Access
  • 1 Nation help
  • Online Support
  • 2 day no obligation trial period
  1. Ultimate Plan –

It costs $59.99 per month ad it comes with these benefits:

  • 2 Ad Networks
  • Private Forum Access
  • 1 Nation help
  • Online Support
  • 2 day no obligation trial period
  • Affiliate network filter
  • Unlimited alert
  • All countries
  • Affiliate offer wall
  • Advanced Boolean searching

The best part of the price policy is, Anstrex come with a full refundable free trial period for 2 days for all the plans. So if you are not satisfied with the product then you can simply cancel your subscription and get a full refund.

Currently, an offer is running. You will be able to enjoy a 20% discount with any of the above mentioned plans if you use ‘bideas_20’ code while checking out.

Conclusion –

As there is a 2 day no obligation trial period, we recommend you to try out this spy tool at least once. Other than for native advertisers and affiliate marketers, this tool will be most helpful to you if you are a brand advertiser or a content creator or a sales marketer. If you face any trouble while operating this spy tool, do not hesitate to contact the 24*7 available customer care service of Anstrex at any point of the day. Do not forget to write about your experience with Anmstrex spy tool in the comments section below.

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