The 5 Advantages of Printed Plastic Cards

First impressions are everything; we hear it all the time. But how can a business make a good first impression? Well, you need to think small – very small.

If you give somebody a card, whether its a business card, a loyalty card or just an informational card. You’re giving that person their first insight into your business. A well designed, instantly relatable or memorable card can be the difference in a new/repeat customer, a new lead or a fresh business opportunity.

Not just for marketing purposes, plastic cards are used to great effect internally within businesses. The plastic card industry is evolving – no longer are cards just a simple means of identification, they’re used for rewards schemes, storing data, access control and so much more. So, we’ve put together 5 advantages of going plastic for your business.

The 5 Advantages of Printed Plastic Cards

1). Marketing/Brand Awareness
A memorable business, loyalty or ID card can really help you and your company stand out from the crowd. This is particularly true for businesses with loyalty or gift programs in place. These cards are a great way to increase your customer base and retain existing customers.

2). Attractive Design
Visual Design is very often how people first evaluate your business – and it can say a lot about your company and the values it stands for. Very often a business card can be the first impression a person has of a company and an eye-catching design can be the make or break in terms of engagement with your services. This is particularly true for the hotel industry where a stunningly visual card can entice somebody to book a stay.

3). Diversity
Plastic cards are more versatile than ever. In addition to providing information and identification, plastic cards are now used for access control, data recording, time attendance and more. Cards are smarter than ever with a wide range of features that any business can take advantage of.

4). Convenient.
Plastic cards are above all, a convenient solution for identification and access control. The card simply slides into a wallet and can be used as needed. Many card accessories such as a Lanyards  add further convenience to your plastic card.

5). Eco-friendly
Old plastic cards can be recycled and made anew, reducing waste and improving efficiency. Many biodegradable cards options are now on the market too which degrade in 4-years when they come in contact with organic materials such as soil.

In summary, plastic cards are a fantastic option for a huge range of business, clubs and organizations. Printed plastic cards can be source from a variety of providers like

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