5 Main Advantages of Using Magento As An Ecommerce Platform

One thing that really stands out with Magento is that it is full of incredible features and nothing is better than its scalability. It will grow with your business meaning that no matter how big your business become, your business will be accommodated. In addition, it comes ready for mobile. With data showing that shoppers are continually preferring to use mobile for shopping, well, you know what that means. This is the platform to set your business on. It is awesome, now a days launching a e-commerce platform is very easy you can use open source website to launch the platform, Weebly to manage social media, order management software to manage order and so on..

Here are the outstanding benefits of building your eCommerce business on Magento:

  1. Easy Implementation Of SEO

By the look of things, big brother Google still ranks the best-optimized sites at the top making them more visible to online traffic. This is why Magento has not left behind the SEO aspect for their e-commerce customers. If you want to optimize your site from the start, which is recommended, Magento will make that possible. On-site optimization is a dream-come-true for you when you are using this platform. It starts with the bare basics, things like indexing your content posts and so on. When you use Magento, knowing the differences between hosted catalog vs punch out can make a big difference in your decision making of different aspects of running your e-commerce business on Magento.

  1. Secure System For Payment

No matter how awesome a product you could be selling, the truth is that no one will buy if they suspect that their identifiable information is not going to be safe. That is why Magento offers the most secure system for payment and customers can be sure that whatever identifiable information they leave on your site is going to be very secure.  SSL is a basic feature with Magento. Google started warning users not to enter details in contact forms in 2017 on sites that did not have SSL certification. With that hurdle already crossed, you are ready to sell and make good bank.

  1. One Admin Panel For Many Websites

Magento gives you one control panel for all the sites that you may establish on the platform. This makes management for you. Do speedy work all the time, no need to log out and log in again to access the admin panel of each site. It is just as WordPress does, allowing you to use one admin panel for all the WordPress sites that you may have. This also gives you the flexibility to create a store for each of the products that you are offering. If you like, also offer a store in a unique language. With Magento, no one can stop you.

  1. Offers A Lot Of Marketing Assistance

Some of the things that you can expect from Magento to help launch your marketing campaign include things like Google Analytics, PayPal, eBay, landing pages, coupons, bundled products, multi-priced products and private sales to name but just a few of them. Newsletter is integrated to help you reach as many customers as possible. Coupled with the ease of use, this platform is indeed perfect for beginner eCommerce sites.

  1. Ease Of Use

If you know how to use a computer (fairly well) you can configure Magento on your own. There is no code writing required. Finally, here is a fully-fledged eCommerce platform that you can use without needing to be a whizz kind. Just download it, get started and when you need advanced features, you can hire a programmer.

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