Push Notifications Network is Excellent for Affiliate Marketing

In this article, we will review tool. is a new ad networking tool which works with push notifications so before we start with this tool, we will introduce the concept of push notification to our readers.

Push notification is the most feasible marketing technique for mobile application publishers to interact with the audience or the users. These notifications simply pop up from out of nowhere on your phone and display the message. The user does not have to use the phone at that particular point of time or use the app. There are plenty types of push notifications. For example, some of them might provide you a free discount coupon, some might make you aware about an upcoming event or show, some might updater you with news, some might simply promote their business or let you know a sports score. For users, it is a better experience because they don’t have to necessarily be logged in. However, the whole concept of push notification will be lost if users get irrelevant and useless notifications. To be honest, push notifications are somewhat annoying as well but the whole thing depends upon the relevance and usability. Simply, the effectiveness of a push notification solely depends upon the usefulness and relevance of the advertisement to the user. platform allows online advertisers to send targeted push notifications to both their desktop and mobile devices users to their 100+ Million active users throughout the world.

What are the benefits of push notification for advertisers?

You will be able to send real time notification to users who trigger an immediate response. The best part is, these push notifications can be manually customized. In simple words, you will be able to select your targeted country, targeted audience and much more. Publishers also have the flexibility to choose between sending sounds, badges, updates, warnings, and alerts. Overall, push notifications provide one of the highest clicks and come with other added benefits. As an online advertiser, you will be able to send real time push notifications to your audience or users who trigger immediate responses. And these notifications can be customized for your target audience and app publishers can choose from sending badges, sounds, updates, and even custom alerts or warnings.

  • Thanks to GPS, more than 60% users share their location so it is easier for the ad publishers to set up the targeted country based on the website they are promoting.
  • Thanks to the global digital revolution, these days everyone keeps their mobile data on even if they are not online so, as soon as the user takes the phone in hand they get plenty push notifications. It is estimated that 50% interactions occur within an hour of the published ad.
  • Some product that is doing good in some place might be doing poorly in some other place so more than 75% of the customers believe that location based alerts are useful.
  • It has been seen that the ignore rates by customers is very less. It is around 10% only. However, to be honest, this is a manipulated fact because most customers end up clicking some ad accidentally but after all, for an ad publisher, a click is a click!

What is Ad Network?

Though established only in 2018, has already become a global leader due to its high quality fast traffic generation through innovative technology. It is the first advertising network which delivers advertisement to its users through push notifications. In an average, it gets around 20 million clicks per day with traffic from all over the world.

The best part is this ad networking tool is pretty much affiliate and CPA friendly. They not only allow sweepstakes and dating but also gambling, binary, and crypto verticals.

These are the following benefits that you will be able to derive with

  1. Lead generation from all over the world.
  2. You will be able to design a detailed target setting. For example, you will be able to design your targeted audience, country, OS, browser, platform and ISP.
  3. It follows a CPC model of payment. The minimum starts with as less as $ .001 per click.
  4. You don’t have to rely on or install any 3rd part trackers. You will get detailed statistical reports along with bar charts in time series.

How to create your online advertisement campaign in

The user dashboard is very simple and easy to use. The main page displays all the key statistics such as the number of clicks and total expenditure. It seems that the team comes from an affiliate marketing background. All you have to do to create your ad campaign is simply follow the following 3 steps:

  1. At first, you have to sign in on website and deposit funds into your account. The minimum cap for deposit is $ 100 and you will earn bonus points every time you deposit some large amount. You can transact money into your account through Paypal, direct transfers and credit cards. Interestingly, you are also allowed to pay through Bitcoin. With buying through Bitcoins, you will be able to make more money from your investment and end up buying more Bitcoins.
  2. Up next, you have to click on ‘Start a new campaign’ button. You will find that button on the left hand side of the menu. After that, you have to update your campaign details such as campaign name, link, targeted audience, targeted country, CPC bid, OS, browser, platform, ISP, etc. After this, you will have to upload a primary image of 492 x 328 pixels size and an icon of 192 x 192 pixels size. The average CPC bid price differs from country to country. As soon as you select your target country, the interface will show you the minimum, average, and top bids of that country. You are done.
  3. Now, the practical thing is that as an affiliate marketer you cannot always expect your ad campaigns to campaign in a profitable manner so you have to alter images, text, message, start and end time, and browser settings from time to time. You won’t need any 3rd party trackers to track your performance. Everything will be provided to you in statistics and bar diagrams.

You guys already know that comes with a bonus feature and you earn points for depositing large sums of money. Let me now put some more light on this bonus point feature. If you put $500, you earn 1 point and similarly, if you put $5000, you earn 20 points. As far as ad budget is concerned, each MP costs $15 but you are allowed to exchange a minimum of 10 MP at a particular point of time. To know more about the bonus feature, check out the FAQ part of the official website. It gets updated from time to time. The team is constantly working 24*7 to offer you its support. There is also a referral program. With the help of this program, you will be able to earn 7% commission of the total payment by a partner whom you referred.


Despite all the benefits of push notifications, only a few affiliate marketers are leveraging this technology. The sole reason behind this is that they themselves don’t own any mobile app. So the push notification market is pretty open to you. We will suggest you to use this wonderful tool to send your users push notification and generate huge leads time – efficiently. We would also like to know about your personal experience regarding the use of tool. Feel free to comment in the comments section below.

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