5 Things You Must Do to Keep Your Home Devices Safe

The security and safety of your personal computer and other home devices are some of the biggest concerns in this tech driven era. You can be some steps ahead of hackers and attackers by taking some simple and straightforward measures. A large number of free antivirus software is available online from different digital security providers, but Bitdefender is doing so in a unique way. Using a free IoT scanner and free antivirus from Bitdefender is easily the best option if you are concerned with the safety and security of your home devices. Here are some lesser-known but very successful tips to ensure maximum protection of your devices.

Home Devices Safe

  1. Check Firewall Constantly:

It might sound a little complicated, but it is as easy as you would like. If you are using any version of the Windows OS, you can get to the “firewall” simply through your Control Panel. Check if your system’s firewall is “On” or “Connected.” If you are already using Bitdefender products, you are doing the smartest thing! In addition to that, you need to check your firewall’s status at least twice a week to make sure your data is unreachable for cybercriminals.

  1. Check Your Home Network:

Bitdefender’s IoT scanner has been a game changer for so many Bitdefender users. The scanner analyzes all devices connected to your home’s network and points out any possible vulnerability. It scans various network ports in rapid time to find all open and closed ports. If the scanner detects any open port that can be exploited by criminals, it will prompt and notify you to close the opened port and hence to increase your security.

  1. Stay Away from Harmful Websites and Links:

Identifying malicious and rogue websites isn’t a cakewalk especially for average internet users, but here are a few things you can look at. Check if the lock symbol in the address bar is green, and there is a code prefix “https://” at the beginning of every URL. You need to keep these two things in mind especially during online banking and payments on any website. Bitdefender’s free antivirus identifies the harmful sites very quickly, but following some basic stuff is always helpful to ensure your home devices’ security.

  1. Think Twice Before Sharing Your Details Online:

Whether we talk about Bitdefender’s IoT scanner or free antivirus, your sensitive data or information is safe unless you make some major mistakes yourself. According to reports, most of the people around the world are very quick to share their sensitive data on various websites. Whether you are shopping online, providing your details on a matrimonial site, looking for a job, or anything, always make sure to check the legitimacy of the concerned website. Being careful before sharing your personal details is always very important for the security of your home devices and networks.

  1. Ignore Unknown Emails:

Always be cautious before opening an email. It doesn’t matter if the sender is in your list of contacts. Bitdefender automatically scans all the emails and attachments with them, but you need to be very careful as well. If you get a suspicious or unusual email even from a known person, delete it immediately and alert the person as soon as possible about the possible compromise his or her account. This is not only going to keep you away from scams and phishing, but you can also help your loved ones to be secure and safe.

Using products from Bitdefender is always helpful to make sure your home devices are perfectly secure from online theft and fraud.

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