Adplexity VS Adperiscope ! Detailed comparison of Ad Syping Tools

If you are into mobile marketing or you simply promote mobile and desktop ad promotions then this article will help you to do it in a better and effective way. In this domain, you must be aware what your competitors are up to so it is very important to have knowledge of what is running in your competing mobile marketer’s ads. The best way to do it is to use some spy tool.

Adperiscope is one of the new yet popular and widely used ad spy tool in the market. In this article, we will tell you how Adperiscope has the potential to make your life easier.

Adperiscope ad spy tool:

Adperiscope ad spy tool comes in 3 platforms: mobile, desktop and native. Let us focus on the features offered by Adperiscope.

  1. Innumerous number of filters –

Adperiscope ad spy tool gives you the opportunity to filter your data by mobile carriers, third party trackers, ad networks, device type, country, language, & banner dimension. This means you will get plenty of time to relax. Affiliate marketers have to spend hours and hours in front of the computer screen to manually spy on other native ads. With this tool, everything will be done automatically.

  • Easy to use Search option –

With this tool, you are allowed to search advertisements and banners by keyword. So simply, if you want to spy on a particular banner, the tool will do that on behalf of you.  This tool minutely scans all banners with the text you type.

  • Many sorting options –

You will be able to sort your data not only by performance but also by the duration of the ad, strength of the ad, alexa ranking and landing page.

  • Advanced search option –

Unlike the simple easy to use search option, there is also an advanced search option for pro guys. This advanced search works with advanced Boolean queries.

  • Search by time –

If you are in this domain, then you will know that audience gets banners very fast through the advertisements and landing pages so you have to keep up with the play if you really want to succeed. You have to search the internet to recognize the latest ad field people are diving into. Human behavior changes quickly with very little stimulations so spying on all top ads will be a tiresome and never ending work. A hot topic now won’t remain a hot topic after 3-4 weeks. This spy ad lets you search by time which means you can study only the last 2 week’s native ads explicitly.

  • Non affiliate landing pages are automatically removed from the result –

This tool allows you to filter by affiliate networks and tracking tools. This helps in removing non affiliate landing pages from the search result. Some results are automatically labeled as “branded campaigns” which means this campaign is run by a ruling company in its domain. Frankly enough there is not much scope in spying these campaigns since these campaigns are not run by affiliates. However, to point out the positives, you can take or build ideas from them. This tool allows you to filter by affiliate networks where you have been. It also lets you check out what campaigns are being run by other affiliate markers who are your competitors.

  • Advanced criteria sorting of your campaign –

Let us assume you are running an Arcade game campaign in UK. All you have to do is plug the information into Adperiscope filters. As soon as you do that, you will get an idea of what offers and landing pages your competitors are running.

  • Automated Ordering by popular ad –

There is an option called “Received most traffic”. When you order ad campaigns by this option, you will be able to see which affiliate advertisements have run well. In most cases, you will get to see creative as well as catchy images in these ads. All you have to do is implement the same in your personal advertisement campaign.

Why should you use Adperiscope ad spy tool to spy on native ads?

  • Adperscope comes with a very well defined search option. The simple search option attracts newcomers in the field of online advertisement whereas the advanced search option interests the tech savvy guys. On contrary, other ad spy tools such as Adplexity Adult offers only a simple easy to use interface and leaves almost nothing for the technical guys.

  • The filter power of Adperiscope is far better than Adplexity Adult or any other ad spy tool. Unlike Adperiscope, other tools do not provide a search filter with respect to time, size of ad, etc.
  • Last but not the least; Adperiscope ad spy tool is currently available at the rate of $ 89.99 per month per user only. As far as pricing is concerned, the rate is so reasonable that none of its market competitors stands a chance in this field.

Comparison between Adperiscope and Adplexity

Now, the question is, on par with other ad spy tools, what is the position of Adperiscope in the market on par with other ad spy tools? Here, we will compare Adperiscope with another popular ad spy tool, Adplexity Adult. Adperiscope offers you two types of search options; a simple search option and an advanced search option. The advanced search option works through a Boolean algorithm. On the other hand, Adplexity Adult ad spy tool offers you only one search option has no advanced search option so it has almost nothing to offer the technologically advanced and experienced guys. Secondly, Adperiscope comes with more filtering options than that of Adperiscope Adult. As we have already discussed Adperiscope allows users to filter data with respect to countries, ad networks, publishers, mobile carriers, devices, ad length, and many more whereas, its competitor, Adplexity Adult allows users to filter data in terms of countries, ad networks, and ad lengths only. Lastly, as far as price of the ad spy tools are concerned, Adperiscope comes with a lower and more reasonable price tag than that of Adplexity Adult.


Considering you have to spy on your competitors to gain more market access we would recommend you to use Adperiscope since it is more feasible in terms of price than any other ad spy tool. If you have any questions to ask about Adperiscope ad spy tool then do let us know by commenting on the “Comments” section below.

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