Best Laptops for Students 2018

There’s no doubt that college or university can be a stressful time for anyone. But, with the right tools and a good laptop at your disposal, earning your degree can be that much less stressful.

However, the problem remains that there are hundreds laptop models to choose from. And, this can be confusing if you’re not totally in the know about what’s currently available on the market.

Fortunately, we’ve put together a list of some of the most popular laptops for students.

We also know that going to school can be expensive. There are books and tuition to pay for, not to mention other student essentials such as a year’s supply of ramen noodles and Starbuck’s coffee.

So, with a student’s budget in mind, here’s our list of some of the most popular and affordable laptops currently available on the market.

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Samsung Notebook 9

This laptop has many reasons that make it an excellent choice for students. For starters, it uses an 8th generation Intel Core i7 processor, which gives it both fantastic performance speeds, as well as an outstanding battery life.

The Notebook 9 also has a few high-quality features such as a fingerprint scanner and an extremely portable design, which is excellent for students who are always dragging their laptops to class.

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Huawei Matebook X Pro

Just like the Notebook 9, Huawaei’s Matebook X Pro has a gorgeous exterior design and a long-lasting battery life, making it excellent in terms of portability.

This laptop has many other great features such as its 8th generation Kaby Lake R processor and a 16 GB hard drive, which makes it not only a nice looking computer, but a powerful one as well.

The best part about the Matebook X Pro is that it remains an extremely affordable laptop compared to its competition, all while incorporating all the most recent trends in laptop design.

You’re probably not going to find another laptop as powerful for the price of a Matebook X Pro, which is why it’s one of the best choices for students.

Dell XPS 13

Another excellent laptop for students is Dell’s XPS 13.

Over the last few years, Dell has continuously made improvements to their Ultrabook laptops, and they certainly didn’t miss their cue with the XPS 13.

The XPS 13 is light, thin, and portable, yet still powerful enough to handle anything a student might decide to use it for. Unfortunately, the XPS 13 is towards the more expensive end for laptops in its class, but it ensures that you’ll be using the best possible laptop that a student could ask for.

Microsoft Surface Go

When it comes to shopping for laptops as a student, the best choice is going to be a computer that is both affordable and powerful enough to handle anything your busy workload might throw at it.

The Microsoft Surface Go is known as one of the absolute best Windows tablets out there, but it’s also an excellent choice for students as well. Even though it’s relatively small, Microsoft engineered this 2-in-1 computer properly to be able to easily keep up with your schoolwork.

Lenovo Flex 14

As we’ve already mentioned, there’s no avoiding the fact that college can be a bit expensive, which is why the Lenovo Flex 14 is an excellent choice for students.

It’s both affordable and has a beautiful design, and it even has a powerful Intel Pentium 4415U – Intel Core i5-8250U processor capable of handling pretty much anything from writing and editing paper, through to gaming when you’re all caught up on your homework.

Macbook Air

For years, Apple languished with using a 5th generation Intel Core processor and low-resolution displays. However, those days are done, and Apple has finally brought their Macbook into the modern age.

The new 2018 Macbook Air features a fast and powerful 8th generation fan-less processor, as well as a thinner, lighter design, not to mention a few useful features such as a Retina display.

So, no longer will you need to compromise on the latest laptop features if you’re looking for an affordable Macbook. The 2018 Macbook air has everything needed for school and that makes it one of the best laptops currently available for college and university students.

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