Top 5 Most Influencing Cloud certification training influencers

Cloud Computing is not a new term but it’s the field that is growing more every day. Whether be a startup or an enterprise, all are moving to the top cloud platforms like Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform, etc.

If you are the one who has started or thinking to start the cloud career, you would be aspired to get one of the top cloud certifications. There are a number of cloud certification training influencers who offer an online learning platform for those who are preparing for the cloud certifications for AWS, Azure, Google Cloud, and others.

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Cloud computing influencers are the people who have done some significant work in the field of cloud computing and keep you updated about the latest cloud computing trends. While cloud certification training influencer can be an individual who either provides cloud computing training or a learning platform that could help the aspirants to pass the certifications.

Top 5 Cloud Certification Training Influencers 

Among so many cloud certification training providers, it is important to enlist the top cloud certification training influencers and then choose one or more to be a part of your certification preparation journey.

There are a few names in the cloud industry who have been helping millions of aspirants to achieve their cloud certifications. So, to help you out, here we enlist the names of some best cloud certification training influencers. It is highly recommended to follow these influencers and their contents during your cloud certification preparation.

  1. Anthony James (Linux Academy)

Anthony James is a well-renowned name in the online certification training industry. He is the founder and CEO of Linux Academy. He shares a very incredible life story. Initially, he started a Linux focused website just to help him clear Linux certification exam and then expanded it. The thing that motivated him to create the academy was that he was finding it difficult to learn through traditional training tools and methods. Later on, he started focusing on online training and courses to help the students in getting the training without leaving their comfort zone and achieve their goals.

Linux Academy is a well-recognized name in the online training industry.  They provide training and online courses in various domains like Linux, AWS, Azure, DevOps, OpenStack, and Big Data and all these courses are highly liked by the students. It was founded to provide high quality, in-depth training at affordable rates so that it is in the reach of all aspirants and they are meeting this objective very sincerely since 2012 by providing a steady and sustainable learning environment to the students.

With their training enriched with hands-on practice labs and real-time scenarios help the students to get all required skills and knowledge needed to get certification and start a good career in the cloud. Course schedule is one of the most admired features of Linux academy training courses where you are asked to pick a course and then you can set the timing and schedule as per your comfort and goal. At Linux Academy, you have an opportunity to connect with the industry experts through an active and vibrant member community.

Salient features of Linux Academy training are:

  • Availability of video courses for certification preparation
  • Hands-on practice labs and exercises
  • Quizzes and flashcards to test the skills and improve continuously
  • Unconditional support and assistance
  1. Ryan Kroonenburg (A Cloud Guru)

Ryan Kroonenburg is the founder of A Cloud Guru, a leader in cloud training certifications. He is a cloud certification training influencer, an AWS expert, and man with strong will power. With his high skills and strong learning curiosity; he is adding feathers in his cap every day.

He is a certified AWS Professional and working in the cloud area since its very beginning.  He is a cloud geek and has worked as a systems administrator, solutions architect, managing director and developer in many recognized cloud companies. He loves to share his knowledge and experience with cloud aspirants through his online courses. So far, he has trained nearly 1, 35,000 aspirants with his AWS training courses. This is all his knowledge and efforts that make him one of the top cloud certification training influencers.

When it’s come about A Cloud Guru (ACG), it’s a leading name in the market of online cloud certification training.  More than about 9,00,000 aspirants have acquired the skills and training from the ACG to have a bright career in the cloud. The notable thing is that most of them are satisfied with the A Cloud Guru Training and doing good in the respective field. It provides sustainable learning programs for individuals as well as businesses to make their teams ready and proficient on the cloud platform. The most important feature of their training courses is that they offer cloud training in a simple and interactive way.

A Cloud Guru is considered as one of the best choices for any type of certification courses in the cloud field. It offers certification training and other online courses for Amazon Web Services,  Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud Platform. They prepare their course in a very smooth way making it ready and easy to go for all. For the continuous learning and practices, they provide unlimited access (on a subscription basis) to the up-to-date cloud library content into different sections like intro courses, deep dives, and weekly tech series.  Their courses are ideal for both; absolute beginners as well as the cloud engineers.

Salient features of A Cloud Guru certification training are:

  • High-quality training courses, covering all the objectives of the certification exams
  • Short duration lessons to keep students well focused and attentive
  • Unlimited access to up-to-date content
  • Hands-on practice labs
  • Exam simulation with high-quality practice exams and quizzes
  1. Aaron Skonnard (Pluralsight)

Aaron is a man with so many qualities. Besides being co-founder and CEO of Pluralsight, he is a well-known developer, entrepreneur, and author. He is a very innovative person and the thing that pushed him to establish Pluralsight in 2004 was his recognition that the technology is changing more rapidly as compared to people’s ability to catch up with those skills. Currently,

Pluralsight has a plethora of online courses and aspirants can get enrolled in those courses very easily. As Aaron has build this great platform, his name comes among the top cloud certification training influencers. Besides Pluralsight, Aaron also founded Silicon Slopes organization and holds the worthy position of a board member. With his extensive knowledge and experience, he is empowering the tech companies to make new researches and achieve new heights.

Coming to Pluralsight, it’s a leading online platform that aims at providing training to tech professionals in various domains. It is a platform to be joined by both individuals as well as businesses. It provides users access to cost-effective and comprehensive training courses and study materials for a monthly fee without making them get into any long term contract. It is equally preferred by businesses as here business teams are provided with high-quality training courses with powerful and creative learning tools that help them in sharpening their skills as per the market needs without affecting their business operations.

Pluralsight is not only an ideal platform for the beginners, who want to learn from scratch, but also for the advanced professionals. It also provides many online courses in the cloud domain that has received good recognition from the students. Their video training programs for IT administrators, software developers and creative professionals are very popular.

Salient features of Pluralsight training are:

  • High-quality training courses and content
  • Unlimited access to the training content
  • Dedicated forum and group portal
  • Hands-on labs and exercises
  • Reports & analytics
  1. Krishna Srinivasan (Whizlabs)

Krishna Srinivasan is a technology passionate having 15 years of experience in the field of technology. He is the chief executive officer at Whizlabs and under his guidance, Whizlabs has achieved a lot of success in the training industry. With his innovative ideas and productive strategies, he makes sure to have a competitive advantage over competitors and be the first choice of the target students.

His vision is to make education possible for all and to achieve this he is continuously working hard to launch a number of training courses and exam simulators in order to help the professionals in their certification preparation. Also, he has chosen Quora to share his AWS knowledge with the aspirants. Krishna Srinivasan quora profile has a number of followers and thousands of daily visitors. Whatever question you have regarding AWS, just ask him on quora and he will provide you detailed answer.

Whizlabs is a pioneer in the industry of online training certification courses. Krishna Srinivasan, the CEO, and the whole team at Whizlabs is aimed to provide best-in-class training to the students. Whizlabs core values are to provide the best quality training courses to its students at affordable prices and make them happy and fully satisfied. Since its foundation in 2000, they have helped over 5 million professionals and 100+ companies all across the globe to get success with their high-quality courses in various domains.

Whizlabs offers training in various domains like Cloud Computing, Java, Project Management, Agile, Linux, Big Data, and Digital Marketing but its cloud certification training courses for AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud are most popular among the aspirants. The thing that makes Whizlabs first choice of aspirants is the availability of high quality content at affordable rates. They have a well-experienced team of experts that design the courses completely based on the exam objectives.

Salient features of Whizlabs online certification courses are:

  • Best-in-industry training videos for certification exams
  • Well-organized and up-to-date content
  • Detailed explanation with real-time examples
  • Real exam like practice tests, with an exhaustive explanation
  • Unlimited access and lifetime validity
  • 24*7 unconditional expert and customer support
  1. Stephane Maarek

Stephane Maarek is a very popular and AWS cloud instructor at Udemy with the highest ratings. His courses for AWS certifications have contributed the most to make him the best seller instructor at Udemy. He is a solutions consultant, architect, and software developer having a keen interest in technologies like Cloud, Big Data & API. He loves to share his skills and knowledge with others and for that he chose Udemy.

Through his popular AWS courses, he is teaching his students basic as well as the advanced concept of AWS and making them ready for certification exams. The most important characteristic of his courses is that he likes to explain the concepts with real-time scenarios that do not only help the students to grasp the things easily but also make them capable to solve the problems in the exam.

If we talk about Udemy, it’s an online learning platform that aims at adult professionals. It is a great place to join for those who believe in continuous learning. Udemy provides the opportunity to the users to create their courses, promote them and earn money. Although it has training courses for multitudes of domains, its cloud certification courses are very popular and are in high demand.

It is very easy for the students to find their desired topic or training on Udemy and get enrolled. The main positive point to join Udemy courses over traditional courses is that at Udemy, you have the opportunity to join courses from anywhere and anytime. Moreover, there are many courses even for a single certification and you can choose the best course that meets your needs. You can also check the reviews put by other students to help you in choosing the best one.

Salient features of Udemy courses are:

  • Easy to join any course from anywhere and at anytime
  • Video courses with an exhaustive explanations
  • All-in-one exam preparation guide
  • Extensive usage of real-time scenarios
  • Practice exams simulation real exam environment

Final Words

So, here we have enlisted the most influencing cloud certification training influencers who are contributing a lot to the success of cloud aspirants with their cloud certification training courses. You can’t rely on a single resource for any of the cloud certification preparation. The official guides, documentation, white papers, books are some of the important resources. But the cloud certification training and practice tests have there own importance.

Online training courses and practice tests make a complete package for the cloud certifications preparation. So, from the above training providers, we’ll recommend you choose one or more that could provide you best of the package. The above-mentioned cloud certification training influencers will make you ready for your certification exams and thus help you take your cloud career one level up.

Don’t think much, take a right decision, and get ahead to achieve the success.

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