Use the Best Anti Phishing Software to Prevent Phishing Attacks

A phishing attack is the process in which an unknown imposter acts as a known entity and sends emails asking for personal and confidential information. Downloading a suspicious file, entering personal data in forms, etc. are some of the ways in which people get duped by attackers.

Employees are targeted more by attackers as it gives them access to the entire system and network of an enterprise. Many enterprises have antivirus software and other spam ware to keep their email system safe. Yet, it has been reported that the phishing attacks have doubled in the past two years. Enterprises have lost around $12 billion dollars to phishing attacks.

This is a clear indication that the traditional antivirus software is not sufficient to keep the enterprises safe from phishing attacks. With advancing technology, attackers have found ways to easily breach the security walls developed by the traditional antivirus software.

Phishing is now an organized crime where a group of imposters and attackers join forces to strategically dupe the employees of an enterprise and extract money. It is recommended to use the best anti phishing software available in the market.

The latest anti phishing software is developed using artificial intelligence and is built on the cloud platform. It runs entirely on the cloud while providing total protection to the email system of the enterprise by adding invisible layers of security. The latest anti phishing software has the following advantages.

  • Deploys Effortlessly
    • The software can be deployed throughout an enterprise within minutes.
    • The volume of the enterprise and the number of devices are no hurdle to the deployment process.
    • The antiphishing software can be integrated with the existing email security system with ease. It can be done in stages or at once.
    • The software works with any of the email systems such as Office 365, Exchange, G Suite, etc.
  • User-friendly Warnings
    • Around 30% of the phishing emails are opened by employees. This puts them at constant risk of getting duped by attackers.
    • The software provides user-friendly warnings to users so that they can easily understand why an email has been marked as a phishing attack.
    • A banner opens with each email that highlights the reason in simple terms such as ‘fraudulent’, ‘suspicious’, ‘malware’, ‘external source’, etc.
  • Simple to Administrate
    • The anti phishing software comes with an interactive dashboard that gets automatically updated with the number of phishing emails received and blocked.
    • It helps track the threats and gives the enterprises complete invisibility.
  • Protects and Trains the Employees
    • The warning banners provide additional information for users who wish to know more about the threats.
    • By clicking on the details link, users can learn about the type of phishing attack they have received.
    • The suspicious emails can be reported and blocked with a single click on the banner. The software works on all devices, irrespective of their location.
    • Employees who are away from the office or working using personal devices are also protected by the software.

The best anti phishing software uses advanced machine learning and computer vision technology to read the emails as the human eye does, but with improved accuracy to detect the slightest of differences in the emails.

Office 365 is one of the most used email systems as it allows employees to bring their devices to work. It also offers security from phishing attacks. But, the same features have been used by the attackers to breach the security system of Office 365 and dupe the employees. The latest, next-gen software works seamlessly with Office 365 to provide total protection from the cloud platform.

The artificial intelligence scans every email to the minute possible detail to unearth the hidden malicious code. Compromised emails, brand forgery, domain spoofing are detected by analyzing the code and checking the final pages to see if they are genuine.

The software detects Zero Day Attacks which most traditional antivirus software miss. That is because the software uses behavioral pattern and brand profiling to recognize the email pattern and identify the empty logos. The sources of the emails are checked to see if they are genuine or suspicious. The issues are detected and fixed even before they reach the system, thereby ensuring that data is not compromised.

Phishing attacks can be classified into the following types.

  • Business Email Compromise (BEC)
  • CEO Fraud
  • Zero Day Attack
  • Spear Phishing
  • Domain Spoofing
  • Brand Forgery
  • Whaling Attacks
  • Malware and Ransom ware

The best way to prevent email fraud is to prevent them totally by employing the latest anti phishing software. Inky provides the next-generation email protection by blocking all kinds of phishing attacks and alerting the users at all times.



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