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Can we deny the increasing importance of WhatsApp in our daily lives? The app has 1.5 billion users around the world with more users joining with each passing day. As one of the most loved apps, WhatsApp has become famous for its rich interactive interface that is user-friendly and allows easy communication with anyone residing anywhere in the world.

The app allows secure private conversations by providing end to end encryption. The interaction on WhatsApp is friendly and slightly informal when compared to other communication channels. Business enterprises can take advantage of these features to take their brand closer to their customers and enrich their customer service.


WhatsApp Business API documentation is used to connect the app to the system of the enterprise with a single REST API. The API integration services are provided by various companies who handle the cloud platform that allows enterprises to use web portal for accessing WhatsApp.

Enterprises can take the assistance of these companies to request early access to WhatsApp Business. The app is being cautious and is taking time to verify and approve accounts. In the meantime, companies provide a feature known as the sandbox which will help the enterprises send and receive messages.

Enterprise can send messages to users in any part of the globe at any time. It allows two-way communication where customers can contact the enterprises with their queries and complaints and get an immediate response. The easier the interaction between the enterprise and the customer, the higher are the chances of a customer being loyal to the business. Higher levels of customer satisfaction result in increased brand loyalty and customer retention.

The following are the ways in which WhatsApp Business can be used to improve customer service and interaction.

  • Sending Notifications
    • Most customers prefer to be notified about their orders, deliveries, services, and payments on time.
    • These are the days when everyone carries their mobile phone with them at all times. So sending a notification via WhatsApp is almost a guaranteed way of reaching the customers and updating them.
    • Order Status
      • Send notifications about the status of the order, payment confirmations, delivery schedule, or update about any delays in deliveries.
    • Shipment Tracking
      • Keep the customer informed about the shipment at each stage of its journey. Send the final message once the shipment is delivered, to confirm the same.
    • Travel Notifications
      • Business enterprises from any industry can successfully use WhatsApp Business to stay in touch with their customers. Travel companies can send travel guides, real-time flight information, and other details as notifications.
    • Secure End to End Encryption for Transactional Messages
      • WhatsApp provides data security to users. The accounts of users are verified by sending an SMS to confirm that the account holder is legitimate.
      • Enterprises can share the personal account details, passwords, payment and reward points, and other confidential information with users using the secure private chatboxes.
      • Two-factor authentication can be used to provide additional security when sharing OTPs (One Time Passwords) with users to complete the transaction.
    • Talk to Customers Using the Real-time Interface
      • WhatsApp allows easy two-way communication. Customers can send messages to the enterprise asking their queries or making a complaint at a product or service.
      • Responding instantly to customers, providing them meaningful answers and solutions, ensuring that their queries are answered to satisfaction, informing them that their issue has been resolved are some of the ways in which enterprises can enrich the quality of their customer service.
      • Set Quick Replies, Welcome greetings, create chatbots to send automated messages and instantly respond to user messages.
      • Send promotional messages, introduce customers to new products of the business, send cross-promotional messages, schedule campaigns to effectively market a product and increase sales.
      • Get creative, send high-quality images and videos, include brochures as documents, and share clickable links that facilitate purchases.
      • Enable customers to finalize their orders from within the conversation.

 Gupshup is one of the leading service providers that handles 4.5 billion transactions per month and has enabled numerous famous brands to gain early access to WhatsApp Business. Their API can be used to connect with 30+ communication channels.

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