What is the Best Content Marketing Strategy to Create a Successful Content Marketing Funnel?

The content marketing funnel isn’t half as complicated as it may sound. Remember, all communication that you send out as a brand is targeted at your customer base. Audiences prefer simple concepts that can be understood easily. That means that a brand must disseminate content that is informative, desirable, and memorable-all in one.

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What is an Ideal Content Marketing Strategy?

The crux of content marketing strategy we will discuss here can be enlisted in a simple form – AIDA. 

Content that is put out from the brand’s end must be capable of creating the following effects in your customer:

A – Attention

I – Interest

D – Desire

A – Action

Content is a primary method of informing the customer about various brand features, discounts, reviews, etc. The USP of good content writing is the ability to create interest in your customer’s mind, with regards to the topic in the spotlight. You may notice that the written word about various products, usually find more credibility over the spoken word. Let’s assume a tech guru writes about an electronic product that article is bound to find more clicks and attention as compared to a spoken recommendation. 

The real question at hand is – how do we reach our customers?

The avenues are plenty. We must, however, look to explore the most efficient and impactful method. Let’s make the explanation simple by figuratively going down the:

Content Marketing Funnel:

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The Top of the Funnel:

Content creation is the core element in this phase. All the communication regarding your brand is created with the hope of sparking an interest in the customer. Successful content usually finds customers clicking the ‘share’ button more often. This is beneficial for the brand’s credibility. The top of the funnel is responsible for creating awareness about the brand and introducing it to the public realm. This phase is imperative in creating a strong groundwork of the brand’s publicity model. The content generated could reach the customers via SEM (search engine marketing) or SEO (search engine optimization) or even through other traditional forms. Social media is a great avenue to explore. It’s free. It’s engaging. It’s full of clicks!

The Middle of the Funnel:

Lead generation is a phrase you can associate with the middle of the funnel. The phrase basically means to stir interest in customers in order to convert them into probable buyers. This can be achieved through engaging content and interesting brand features. Communication in this phase must be targeted to keep the customers hooked. Give them the kind of content that keeps them interested while adding on to their current knowledge about the brand. The main focus here is to prevent the customer from losing interest in the brand. 

A simple method of keeping the communication interesting during the middle of the funnel is through efficient data collection. Once you know your customer’s interest, concentration span, likes, and dislikes, you can manoeuvre your content to suit his/her interests. Thus, you guarantee your content certain visibility and memorability.

The Bottom of the Funnel:

This is what it all boils down to. You have to convert your ‘interested readers’ into ‘happy buyers’. All the content you disseminate as a brand is meant to result in an addition to your sales numbers. The bottom of the funnel is where the sales happen. A key element in this phase is – ‘personalization’. A customer only buys from you when he/she trusts you. To build trust, you must be able to show the customer that you care. This can be done by simply personalizing the communication towards your potential buyer. Making the customer feel special is an important maxim of marketing. That is exactly what you’re expected to do in this phase. 

How Can I Make My Content More Interesting?

With the advent of social media, our attention spans have reduced to compete with those of the goldfish. Thus, it’s important to keep innovating with the current trends to make sure that your content does not become obsolete and uninteresting. 

Here are a few methods with which  you can make content more appealing:

  • Video content
  • Influencer marketing
  • Experimental marketing
  • Social media marketing

The list can go on, but these are the key methods recommended for promising communication reception. Let’s talk about video content. With websites like InVideo, Biteable, Envato, etc., it’s not difficult to create videos anymore. The best video maker for easy editing and a professional level output is InVideo. Engaging content created on websites like InVideo can guarantee customer attention and result in an accelerated sense of desire in the masses. Video content is more likely to be shared. It also creates a lasting memory. 

In conclusion, the diagram of a funnel can explain how a chunk of content put out by the brand must funnel down to converting the audience into buyers. Remember to have an – ‘Audience First’ approach in all the communication being put out. The communication must tell the customer what they need and not what the brand wants to show off. 

Communication that appears to care about customer sensibilities always makes a mark in the customer’s mind.

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