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By launching core web vitals, Google has made it official that speed affects your search engine rankings directly. Interestingly, Google did not just stop here, instead, it had went on to introduce it in the search console too. On the other hand, hosting a WordPress site is such a crucial thing that it defines its success on the search engines so choosing a bad or cheaper and inefficient hosting company will make you lose a big bet while the right hosting company will turn the tables for you making your website successful. In this article, we will review a hosting company, We discovered this hosting company a few months back and got good result with it. hosts your website on its fast cloud platform at a great loading speed.

Features of hosting

rocket review

  • We will eventually describe this part elaborately in the later sections where we also guide you on how to implement it in your website. As of now, just take a glimpse at the list of features it offer.
  • net allows one staging environment with each and every website that you deploy with it.
  • Even the basic starter plan comes with more than one WordPress sites. The starter plan offers two WordPress websites: one is your live site and another is your staging environment. In the staging environment site, you will be able to test plugins, redesign site and try out other thing.
  • net allows users to push the staging site to the live environment. It can be done by a single click
  • net allows login to your WordPress site dashboard with a single click
  • net users will be able to configure WordPress Multisite and WooCommerce with a single click.
  • In advance settings, you can choose the PHP version for your site.
  • net allows users to set auto update option for the themes installed on your WordPress site.
  • net offers automatic updates
  • net offers NGINX
  • net offers free SSL with every price plans
  • net offers free CDN to serve over 200 locations globally with every price plans.
  • net offers free WAF (Website Application Firewall) to block hackers with every price plans.
  • net offers 24*7 support through phone, chat and email.
  • net provides 99.99% Uptime Performance
  • net offers Hack & Malware Removal
  • net offers Staging Environments even with the basic price plan.

Pros and Cons of hosting

Why OnrRocket's Managed WordPress Hosting hassle free? What help you get?


  1. Fast page loading.
  2. Affordable pricing.
  3. 24*7 support assistance.
  4. Highly Secure.
  5. Good server uptime performance.  I say this it is hard to find in every web hosting provider so this is a HUGE PLUS. However, there a few drawbacks that are not deal breakers, but worth knowing before signing up today.
  6. Promotional offer.


  1. Domains are not given at free of cost.
  2. Renewals are costlier.

Uptime Performance of

Uptime Performance

On an average, offers 99.99% uptime performance than its contemporaries. Note that having uptime performance is very important for maintaining higher Google rankings because websites with a bad uptime eventually get lower SEO rankings.

How does keep websites secure?

Review of Rocket's advanced security features with usability test for beginners comes with a wide ranges of measures that are taken as and when required in order to protect websites. It comes with a built in security system so you will not have to install any WordPress security plugins or something like that. It offers the following securities which is more than enough to protect your website:

  • 24*7 Malware Scanning / Patching.
  • Automatic Backups.
  • Automatic Bot Protection.
  • Brute Force Protection.
  • Weak Password Prevention.
  • SSL certificates

How to set up a website with hosting

Here, we will teach you how to set up a website with To start with, all you have to do first is go to the official website of and select a price plan. Note that we have offered a glimpse at the price plans of in the last part of this article. Go through it, before making your final purchasing decision.

Once, you have chosen the plan, you have to click on “Get started”. After this, you have to fill in your details to complete the signup process and log in to your account to get into dashboard. In the dashboard, you have to click on the “Create site” button in the middle of your screen. Here, the onboarding process is very simple and easy to use. All you have to do is type in the name of the website and choose the region where you want to host your website. You have to provide some more details to set up your WordPress administrator account. You can install a multisite network or an eCommerce store with woocommerce too.

Once all these are done, you have to choose an administrator username and set a password, type in your email address and click on “Continue”. Now, it will take some time to set up a fresh WordPress installation for your website. As of now, you have already created a website on Rocket hosting but note that it is not your domain yet. After this, log in to your WordPress site, design it as per your requirement and you will be able to set the domain for it. This will keep you safe from the wrong indexing on Google and help your website to hit greater ranks.

How to configure your domain with hosting

Note that before moving down to this step, you must complete setting up your website with hosting. Once you have a fully qualified domain name ready for your website, click on “Get Started” button on your site’s dashboard.

adding a domain in my site for rocket review

Next, you have to type your domain name and configure the DNS records and click on continue. As soon as you do that, the screen will appear instructing you to set TXT records for your domain. This is very important because it will configure and install an SSL certificate for your domain accordingly.

live site in rocket

Up next, you have to simply keep following the instructions and click on “Continue”. In the next step, you will be allowed to add CNAME record of your domain to the rocket site subdomain. Once you do this, your site will be live and the host dashboard will display your domain on the site. 

all done in rocket live site

How to create a staging site with

Here, we will guide you how to create a staging site with hosting service. To be precise, if you are looking forward to host a business website then you may not want to try a few plugins directly on your live website.

Similarly, you would not want anyone to change any piece of content before proper testing and approvals. This staging site works like a demo site where you can try out anything and get a glimpse of what your live website might look with and without implementation of a particular tool or plugin. In simple words, the staging site helps you do all the testing on an environment where you won’t have to make any change in the live site. offer this staging environment with each of sites you host with just a single click. You will be able to switch between live site and staging environment right from your dashboard. 

You can create 1 staging environment with each number of sites you host on rocket platform with just a single click.

create a staging site

Once your staging environment is deployed, you get the option to switch between them right from your dashboard. 

switch between the staging and production mode Pricing

As far as price is concerned, comes in as many as four price plans. If compared to any other managed WordPress hosting services, then offers enough value for money when you host your website with it. Starting for startups to big businesses, has something to offer to all. We have discussed earlier, that even the basic plan offers more than one site. The pricing feels more comfortable when you host more than one website at the price of one. Pricing

  • The Starter Plan comes with a fees of US $ 25 per month. It is billed in yearly basis. This plans offers 1 WordPress installation, 25000 visits, 10 GB storage and Free SSL, CDN and WAF.
  • The Pro Plan comes with a fees of US $ 50 per month. It is billed in yearly basis. This plans offers 3 WordPress installation, 100000 visits, 20 GB storage and Free SSL, CDN and WAF.
  • The Business Plan comes with a fees of US $ 83 per month. It is billed in yearly basis. This plans offers 10 WordPress installation, 250000 visits, 40 GB storage and Free SSL, CDN and WAF.
  • The Agency Plan comes with a fees of US $ 166 per month. It is billed in yearly basis. This plans offers 25 WordPress installation, 500000 visits, 50 GB storage and Free SSL, CDN and WAF.

Right now, all is offering a launch offer of testing any plan at US $ 1 for the first month.

Refund Policy

You should know that if you decide that Rocket managed WordPress hosting is not for that there is a 30 day money-back guarantee. This is quite standard in the industry for most web hosting providers. But honestly, I think that once you get started with today, you will love their platform.


Manually hosting a website on the cloud with the console and the commands might hurt your website and efficiency. is a well-managed hosting platform that promises to offer you the peace of mind to solely focus on website development, content, and monetization.

It is one of the newest yet one of the best website hosting services currently available in the market. The best part is, the ongoing US $ 1 for the first-month offer. We would recommend d you to use hosting service to boost your website ranking. Let us know in the comments section below if you have any query regarding their hosting services. Share the word with your friends and colleagues who are looking for a good hosting service provider for their website.


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