10 Tips For Defense In Rainbow Six Siege

Are you an FPS enthusiast who equally enjoys Rainbow Six Siege? Do you have the tactical prowess but still find it grueling to win big? We are here for all you eagle-eyed players to ensure a clean win.

The tactical online game of shooting has a remarkable fan base. However, the game that offers both 1st and 3rd person perspective is not unchallenging. But, there is no reason for you to fret because you can now check out the R6 hacks. Now, for those of you who desire to win gradually, adopt these cool tips below.

  • Stress on teamwork

Teamwork plays a significant role in the multiplayer mode of Rainbow Six Siege, just like any aggressive multiplayer title. All you need is forward-thinking and strategy because these two factors can potentially depose some of the strongest players. However, you have to execute the plans and strategies correctly. 

Assemble a team that comprises five. Such a team will help immensely with coordination. And you can select from an effectual combination of best angles and operators to strike from.

  • Brighten the dark 

The default brightness settings in Rainbow Six Siege make the game’s darker levels far more impossible to play. While this dark screen does contribute to an atmospheric experience, it does take away from a game’s cut-throat scenario. 

Cranking up the brightness slider of the game helps with steering through the dark hallways. A higher brightness percentage lends a clearer view of the adversaries hiding shielding in the shadows. 

  • Watch corners at all times 

From the minute the Action Phase begins, ensure that you are always on the lookout for the minutest movement on screen. The slight movements you make between the killing time and the required precision can reveal your position. Thus to avoid instant death, make sure you are checking every angle before forging forward. And, while pushing forward, look into the distance for any probable threats. 

  • Customize the weapons you possess

While your weapon selection has a massive effect on combat performance, customizing a weapon adds an entirely new degree of fine-tuning to your play style. 

We admit that finding the perfect setup can be tedious as every attachment needs a repurchase between opposed firearms. From our personal experiences, we have found that Holo sights and ACOG are the most popular attachments besides being the most used. 

  • Defend but from a distance 

Most new players make the mistake of locking down the objective room tightly to get the best means of protection. You may also be safeguarding the objective by defending yourself within a room with other teammates. But, this leaves the enemy team with a single principal choke point. 

To avoid making rookie error, try to establish a perimeter around your objective. This perimeter must potentially stretch to other rooms so that a wider area is covered. We say, create a complex barricade maze. This maze will confuse attackers, and you can catch them much to their surprise. You can also lure your attackers by using the reinforcements and barricades in some locations as bait. 

  • The drone deserves a second chance 

Drones are vital tools to gather enemy intelligence during the phase of pre-planning. When you provide information on a place’s fortifications, enemy operators, and location of the objective, attackers can get a big advantage. 

Thus, tap upon the directional pad and single press the A button to jump back effortlessly into the existing drone and continue from where you left. A pro tip is to use the inbuilt cameras to get an additional angle of the battlefield.

  • Environmental destruction happens for a reason

Wide-scale destruction of the environment is not unique to the Rainbow Six: Siege R6, with many battlefield games asserting large-scale demolition. Thus, you need to take advantage of the abilities push through the defensive efforts of operators guarding a fortification. Make the most of breaching charges, destructible walls, and hatches whenever you enter fortified rooms. 

  • Try everything and do not get affixed 

Most popular first-person shooting games offer a reward to find a loadout that suits a specific playstyle and rolls with it. In Rainbow Six: Siege R6, you must experiment with selecting operators to improve your skills. Try to select a varied stock of operators to diversify your in-game set of skills and make yourself thoroughly adaptable.   

  • Incline into the combat 

It is the function of peeking that contributes to the unique gameplay of Rainbow Six: Siege R6. This function provides you the ability to be aware of the potential threats and ease around every corner. You can use it on the fly when you navigate around treacherous corners. Therefore, use the lean ability when you are barreling into hostile territory as you are not at the risk of exposing your full body.

  • Stay slow and be steady to finish first in 

Time restriction may prevent a stalemate between the teams, but three minutes is more than sufficient to consider strategies behind an approach. Thus, take your time, play mind games with the enemies to throw their instincts off. We advise keeping distance from any entry point whenever breaching an objective room to pick off enemies for the longest time. 


Paying heed to the above tips can help you win big and more games. And, if you follow them consistently, you will master the game in no time. If you have any expert play tips you swear by when playing Rainbow Six: Siege R6, do not forget to comment them below. 

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